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Tree talk

Our lunchtime under-the-tree session isn’t always boring. The other day, Japie said that, when a customer bought only two new tyres, we always fitted them to the rear wheels. He wondered ...
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Tricky twin

Last week, I was sitting in my office when a stranger walked in. After we exchanged greetings, I asked him what a BMW motorcycle rider from Coleraine (a town in Ireland) ...
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Lightning diagnosis

Kewer Conradie is an expert on beetles … those members of the Coleoptera family. He has often regaled me with stories about the useful lives some types of beetle lead. Did ...
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Farmstyle Tuning

The lunchtime sessions under the tree sometimes turn into question-and-answer sessions. The other day, August, our young mechanic with big-city experience, asked whether it’s true that in earlier days you did ...
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Worn Fuel Pump

There’s a special place in my heart for air-cooled Volkswagens. I’ve owned five or six over the years and am glad to see that there is still a significant number running ...
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Starting Problems

Oom Matewis Pansegrouw has been teaching mathematics at the local high school for as long as anyone can remember. He has twice tried to retire, but was called back every time ...
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Explosive Power

During lunch and tea breaks, we usually gather underneath the old tree if the weather permits. We not only swap stories, but also actively indulge in engineering topics in an effort ...
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Recurring Misfire

Pieter Duvenhage is a regular at the garage. He’s an insurance agent and his BMW 318i is old enough to be outside the warranty period. Five months ago, Hennie replaced all ...
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Lost Power

Windhond Fouche is one of those frustrated motorsport enthusiasts who hankers after a BMW or a Porsche, but can afford only something far less glamorous. When he left school, he starting ...
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Cracked Coil, Broken Leaf

Cracked Coil My sad news is that Syd (one of our mechanics) has decided to return to the UK after more than 25 years in SA. He inherited some money and ...
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Dual-mass mess

DUAL-MASS MESS In his youth, the local chemist was called Anton, but long exposure to chemicals had most likely affected his brain so that he developed a speech impediment. Nowadays, he ...
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VVT trouble

VVT TROUBLE Longdrop Scheepers did not get his nickname because he’s tall. No, he was called Longdrop after his son Hannes accidentally bumped a tractor against the outside toilet while his ...
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