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Driven: Volvo S60 Polestar

While the 2010 Polestar C30 and 2012 S60 Concept were one-off celebrations of the company’s racing successes the 750 unit limited run of Volvo S60/V60 Polestar models has been created ...
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DRIVEN: Mazda2 1,5 dCi AT

Based on first impressions, Mazda2 should succeed its popular predecessor with aplomb when it arrives in South Africa in the first quarter of 2015. ...
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DRIVEN: BMW X4 xDrive20i

BMW has released its X4 in South Africa. CAR journalist Kelly Lodewyks drove it around Cape Town to see what it offers. Exterior and interior The styling is very much baby ...
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DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz SL400

The Mercedes-Benz SL family of cars stretches back six decades to as far as the iconic 300SL,  the original “Gullwing”. We’ve seen some memorable models, including the “Pagoda” and the R107 ...
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DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz GLA220 CDI 4Matic

Gauteng towards the end of winter resembles a scorched Earth landscape with all of Nature’s colour pallet removed. This was especially prevalent when I walked out of the arrivals hall at ...
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DRIVEN: Porsche Panamera Diesel

The German autobahn is simply one of the most disciplined and fastest sections of road you can ever drive on. So when opportunity presented itself to pilot Porsche’s Panamera Diesel from ...
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DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz 280E race car

This feels illegal. I’m driving a 1982 Mercedes-Benz through traffic, but there is no air conditioning to cool me and I can clearly hear every stone and piece of dirt the ...
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DRIVEN: Toyota 86 Limited Edition

The trouble, I imagine, that many of the 1 600-odd current South African Toyota 86 owners’ face is in answering Toyota’s call to “go play” by finding a suitable playground. ...
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DRIVEN: Land Rover Discovery SDV6 HSE

The school holidays is important family time and best spent somewhere remote where televisions and smartphones are less of a distraction. Having booked a weekend away on a farm in Robertson, ...
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DRIVEN: Renault Megane GT-Line Turbo 97 kW

The Renault Megane has come a long way since its first bustle-back rendition. In a nutshell, it’s now (and we know we are using this word much more frequently these days) ...
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DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG L

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I patronised a traditional diner and ordered a milkshake. The prolific eating habits of Americans are well documented; I expected to be served a ...
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DRIVEN: Mitsubishi Mirage

When people think of Mitsubishi, they think big, bulky vehicles like the Triton and Outlander or, at the other end, Lancer. No one ever thinks about a small, economical little hatchback. ...
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