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DRIVEN: Datsun Go

Datsun announced its relaunch over two years ago and its plan to launch in South Africa soon after. Ever since, South Africans have been waiting to hear what the brand has ...
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DRIVEN: Mazda2 1,5 dCi AT

Based on first impressions, Mazda2 should succeed its popular predecessor with aplomb when it arrives in South Africa in the first quarter of 2015. ...
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DRIVEN: Peugeot 308 1,2 PureTech GT Line

LE TOUQUET, FRANCE – They are everywhere… French people and their Peugeots. Understandably so – we’re in France, after all. The patriotism of its citizenry is legendary and this is the ...
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DRIVEN: Nissan X-Trail 1,6 dCi SE 4WD

I was very impressed with the Nissan X-Trail. I bemoan the loss of some of the older car's charm, but the third-generation model is unquestionably better. ...
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DRIVEN: Citroën C4 Cactus 1,2 turbo

PARIS – It even has the French staring at it. And for nation where très chic and funky are a staple diet, something has to be particularly “très” to stand out. ...
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DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-in Hybrid

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – By 2020, Mercedes-Benz plans to comply with the EU fleet emissions requirement of 95 g/km of CO2. It’s strategy? Hybridisation and, ultimately, zero local-emissions operation. The S500 Plug-in ...
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Mini Cooper S 5-Door AT

OXFORD, UK – Mini and practicality are terms seldom seen in proximity to one another, but the introduction of the firm’s first ever 5-door hatchback hopes to change that perception in ...
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DRIVEN: Ford Mustang 2,3 Ecoboost

If you clicked on this post expecting to read about the mighty new V8-powered Ford Mustang and feel a bit short-changed to find it’s a driving impression of the 2,3-litre EcoBoost ...
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DRIVEN: MG3 1,5 Style

The MG3 light hatchback is anything but a clone: priced to compete with budget superminis, but styled to the compare with the Peugeot 208 and Kia Rio, the Chinese newcomer’s very ...
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MARBELLA, Spain – With more than 500 000 units sold since introduction in 1998, Audi’s baby sportscar has been an unmitigated success for the company and has proved to be one ...
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Driven: Mazda3 2,0 Individual

Mazda Southern Africa is back! Not that the Japanese brand ever left Mzansi, but after the marque’s split from Ford (a local collaboration that had a few ups and downs), it’s ...
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DRIVEN: Jeep Renegade 2,4 Trailhawk

ITALY – The Italian way of life has been a part of American culture right from the start. And now the two are combined in a brand new venture in the ...
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