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Citroën DS4 VTi 120 Design

This is our first test of the entry-level DS4 after the flagship diesel model failed to garner much interest among the CAR team. Boasting most of the luxuries of that model, the VTi 120 is ...
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Opel Meriva 1,4 Turbo Enjoy

A perennial favourite among the CAR team, the Opel Meriva continues be somewhat of an unsung hero within the local marketplace. Perhaps as a result of its unconventional packaging or uncertainty around the brand’s positioning within the ...
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Ford Fiesta 1,0 EcoBoost Trend Powershift

Small cars with automatic transmissions are seldom fun to drive. Such vehicles are often sluggish, prone to hunting between gears and generally sap every bit of automotive passion from your veins. That was our general perception until ...
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Hyundai Accent Hatch 1,6 Fluid

The translation from sedan to hatchback shape, or vice versa, is often piecemeal. With the Accent Hatch, Hyundai seems to have got it spot-on – but at what cost? Although the profile doesn’t hide the fact ...
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Range Rover Evoque SD4 Dynamic

Go back 10 years and you’d be surprised just how few cars had that extra leg on the gate or digital numeral in the instrument binnacle that denoted a sixth gear. But with the precipitous ...
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Mercedes-Benz ML400 BlueEfficiency 4MATIC

It’s been a couple of years now since Mercedes-Benz launched the third generation of its luxury SUV ML-Class and, if you read our first test (a ML250 BlueTEC in September 2012), you would’ve noted we weren’t all ...
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Kia Sportage 2,0 CRDi AWD AT

More than four years since Kia’s third-generation Sportage first made its way to South African shores, the Korean manufacturer has updated its compact SUV contender for the new model year. While the Sportage has remained popular, Kia ...
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ROAD TEST: Renault Duster 1,5 dci Dynamic 4×2

Gone are the days when SUVs had to be big, bulky and overbearing. The trend these days is to downscale to baby SUVs, of which the Renault Duster is a prime example. On the styling ...
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Nissan Leaf

Most will remember the moment one of their peers took the plunge and bought an early touchscreen smartphone. Although their fumbling attempts to text and having to frequently charge the thing may have seemed off-putting, they still made calls like ...
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Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI 7G-DCT

Just look at it; it’s a dream machine. In the premium-compact segment, the CLA is without peer in terms of aesthetic value and sheer desirability. Nevertheless, we believe buyers expect more of the svelte four-door than ...
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Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is a distinctive proposition in the 4×4 market thanks to a unique design and door layout, as well as its off-road capability. On the majority of sealed surfaces, it rides well for ...
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Road test: Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

That red flap – the one used to protect a switch from accidental activation is usually found in a jetfighter’s cockpit or the arming mechanism of a nuclear weapon. The Lamborghini Hurácan now joins this elite list and, as ...
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