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New F1 Rules: The science behind Formula One’s revolution

THIS year marks a watershed moment in F1 history – the engines will undergo downsizing, turbochargers will make a return and we’ll see the addition of advanced energy recovery systems in ...
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Why Your Engine Doesn’t Melt

The peak gas temperature inside an internal-combustion engine can reach more than 2 500° C, but cast iron melts at around 1 200° C. How is it possible for an engine ...
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The Science of Performance

A FAST car. All petrolheads want one, but few have the means to walk into a supercar dealership and put down a deposit. The next best thing is to modify your ...
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RiderScan Blind-Spot Mirror for Bikes

MOTORCYCLING is an inherently dangerous form of transport, making accident prevention extremely important. RiderScan has developed a single, convex mirror that fits on the inside of a touring-type screen to give ...
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Drive-E engines

Engine capacity used to be the most important engine parameter that defined performance. But that’s no longer the case. We investigate Volvo’s new Drive-E engines, currently at the forefront of the ...
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Don’t be seduced by nice-to-haves

A new-car owner’s pleasure could become a used-car buyer’s pain. And vice versa … ...
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Porsche 911 engine rebuild [video]

Some time ago we brought you a very cool video of a Porsche 911 engine teardown. The stop motion clip can be seen here. The rebuild process on the 3,2-litre boxer ...
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Behold, the Turbo-Encabulator

Who says motor manufacturers don’t have senses of humour. Chrysler created this video in the 1970s to outline the benefits of its totally bogus Turbo Encabulator transmission. The delivery of the presenter ...
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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the world’s first production vehicle that utilises only light emitting diodes (LED) instead of conventional bulbs. A total of  around 500 LEDs are used, with 56 LEDs ...
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Steer-by-wire now reality in Infiniti Q50

Steer-by-wire, with no physical link between the steering controls and flaps of an aircraft, is nothing new to the aerospace industry. Although prototype automobiles with this technology have been shown to ...
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Vehicle Telemetry

HAVE you ever wondered what your car thinks? The modern vehicle has numerous sensors, relays, actuators, electronic-control units and kilometres worth of wiring connecting all in a giant network (see sidebar ...
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Range Extender for EVs

Range anxiety is synomymous with electric vehicles (EV). This has resulted in many tongue-in-cheek comments as well as cartoon artists drawing pictures of electric vehicles towing petrol generators on wheels to ...
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