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Windscreen Repair – Consumer Feature

With stones flying in all directions, windscreen damage is an everyday occurrence - sometimes it can be fixed without replacing the entire screen... ...
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Understanding Airbags

THE first airbag patents were filed back in 1951 and published two years later by engineers Walter Linderer (from Germany) and John Hetrick (from the US). The world had to wait ...
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Dry-clean your engine

Water and modern electronics do not mix. Is there a safer way to clean your car’s engine? ...
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Why your car needs gears

The gear count in modern cars continues to rise. We look at why cars need gears in the first place. ...
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Evolution of the Species: Electric Powertrains

EFFICIENT powertrains are the future. A 2,0-litre engine powering a large, luxury SUV may have been unthinkable a couple of years ago, but that’s exactly what I experienced when I recently ...
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Advertisement: Turning over a new LEAF

Turning over a new LEAF: Nissan brings zero-emission mobility to South Africa ...
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Pioneering for progress

The Mercedes-Benz C111 series of experimental vehicles was produced in the 1960s and ‘70s and comprised prototypes powered by rotary, diesel and petrol engines. The IV version featured a 372 kW ...
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High pressures

WHEREAS 2 000 bar was seen as the benchmark injection pressure for a turbodiesel engine five years ago, there is talk of 3 000-bar systems in the near future. But, why ...
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Intermodal navigation

BMW has teamed up with navigation-system provider INRIX to develop an intermodal navigation system for its i3 and i8 electric and hybrid models. This is the first in-car service that integrates ...
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The quest for speed

Nardo Ring in southern Italy is synonymous with high-speed testing. Although the facility includes various special-surface tracks, handling sections and off-road trails, it is the main circular track that’s captures the ...
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Nuclear-powered car?

Tired of stopping at fuel stations? Now imagine purchasing a car that is already fuelled for its entire life. It may be a pipedream for electric and fossil-fuelled cars, but not ...
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New F1 Rules: The science behind Formula One’s revolution

THIS year marks a watershed moment in F1 history – the engines will undergo downsizing, turbochargers will make a return and we’ll see the addition of advanced energy recovery systems in ...
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