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RiderScan Blind-Spot Mirror for Bikes

MOTORCYCLING is an inherently dangerous form of transport, making accident prevention extremely important. RiderScan has developed a single, convex mirror that fits on the inside of a touring-type screen to give ...
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Range Extender for EVs

Range anxiety is synomymous with electric vehicles (EV). This has resulted in many tongue-in-cheek comments as well as cartoon artists drawing pictures of electric vehicles towing petrol generators on wheels to ...
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Clever Steering

Stringent emissions and fuel-consumption targets are the main reasons why most automakers have adopted energy-saving electric steering-assistance systems in most new vehicles. It didn’t take engineers long to exploit the capabilities ...
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Cool Pistons

The specific power (kW/litre) that petrol internal-combustion engines produce has increased dramatically with the introduction of turbocharging and direct injection. This increase places extra strain on engine cooling because more heat ...
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Safe Cyclists

The recent on-road death of cyclist Burry Stander shocked South Africa (and especially the cycling community) and lead to outrage against motorists’ alleged lack of awareness and respect for cyclists. Volvo ...
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Pneumatically Actuated Valves

Imagine the possibility of infinitely variable-valve timing and varying-cam profiles on production engines. This would be possible only if the valves are activated without the use of a camshaft. Unlikely pioneer ...
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Smartphone Breathalyser

The link between the consumption of alcohol and road deaths is well documented. But often responsible consumers of alcohol aren’t sure whether they are close to or over the legal limit. ...
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Airbag Jacket

Airbags have proven their worth in the prevention of serious injuries or death in motor-vehicle accidents, but the technology has struggled to cross over to two-wheeled modes of motorised transport for ...
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Water Escape Belt

The water escape belt - this aftermarket device fits onto the existing seatbelt-release mechanism and unclips the belt when the unit is submerged... ...
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Smart Materials

GENERAL Motors will use a smart-material actuator on its 2014 Corvette to open an air vent in the boot to allow easier closure of the lid by preventing an airlock. This ...
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Airless Tyres for ATV’s

The concept of airless tyres has been around for some time but has not yet seen mainstream production, but this will soon change... ...
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Hybrid Air?

The air car has turned out to be nothing more than a pipe dream, but that hasn’t stopped PSA Peugeot/Citroën. The company is adamant that it has found a hybrid-air solution ...
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