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Fuel-cell patents for all

In a surprise move, Toyota has released 5 680 fuel-cell related techno-logy patents to be used by competitors royalty-free until 2020 to accelerate development of hydrogen cars. This follows the launch ...
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Pressure-sensing glow plugs

During extreme cold-start conditions, the heating of air during the compression stroke in the combustion chamber of a diesel engine may not be sufficient to allow ignition. Therefore, carmakers employ electrical ...
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Cost-effective injection

Petrol-engine downsizing employs turbocharging and direct fuel injection that houses the injector inside the combustion chamber. It’s easy to forget, however, that the majority of engines produced still feature port injection ...
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Volvo and connected cycle helmets

Cycling is popular everywhere, but it remains a relatively unsafe sport when practised on public roads. In the October 2014 issue, we reported on smartphone applications that share users’ positions with ...
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Fwd Le Mans Racer

After a 16-year break from the top category in the World Endurance Championship (WEC), Nissan will again compete for honours in the LMP1 class this year. The Nissan GT-R LM Nismo ...
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Pioneering for progress

The Mercedes-Benz C111 series of experimental vehicles was produced in the 1960s and ‘70s and comprised prototypes powered by rotary, diesel and petrol engines. The IV version featured a 372 kW ...
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High pressures

WHEREAS 2 000 bar was seen as the benchmark injection pressure for a turbodiesel engine five years ago, there is talk of 3 000-bar systems in the near future. But, why ...
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Intermodal navigation

BMW has teamed up with navigation-system provider INRIX to develop an intermodal navigation system for its i3 and i8 electric and hybrid models. This is the first in-car service that integrates ...
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The quest for speed

Nardo Ring in southern Italy is synonymous with high-speed testing. Although the facility includes various special-surface tracks, handling sections and off-road trails, it is the main circular track that’s captures the ...
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Nuclear-powered car?

Tired of stopping at fuel stations? Now imagine purchasing a car that is already fuelled for its entire life. It may be a pipedream for electric and fossil-fuelled cars, but not ...
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RiderScan Blind-Spot Mirror for Bikes

MOTORCYCLING is an inherently dangerous form of transport, making accident prevention extremely important. RiderScan has developed a single, convex mirror that fits on the inside of a touring-type screen to give ...
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Range Extender for EVs

Range anxiety is synomymous with electric vehicles (EV). This has resulted in many tongue-in-cheek comments as well as cartoon artists drawing pictures of electric vehicles towing petrol generators on wheels to ...
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