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Unsafe Fortuner?

I am unsure about the crashworthiness of the Toyota Fortuner after an unfortunate incident. A friend of mine recently lost her father in an accident that occured when he fell asleep ...
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Service intervals vs. quality

Why do some manufacturers (such as Toyota) implement a short 10 000 km service interval on some models, and other vehicles have 15 000-20 000 km intervals (or even longer)? Does ...
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Off-road tyres for X3?

I drive a 2005 BMW X3 xDrive25i AT, which is in a good mechanical condition despite its age – it’s done about 105 000 km. We use the car regularly for ...
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Thirsty first car

My parents bought me my first car, a 2002 Jeep Wrangler 4,0-litre Sahara (which exceeded my expectations). I need some advice on improving the Jeep’s fuel consumption, though. It runs on ...
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Zero emissions?

I have an issue with the summary table of your BMW i3/Nissan Leaf comparative test published in the December 2014 issue, which shows the CO2 emissions for both vehicles as 0 ...
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Availability of low-sulphur diesel

Further to CAR’s recent long-term test on the Renault Duster, I’m looking at doing a long-distance tour to Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Mozambique in a Duster AWD. Do you know what ...
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Jazz Steering Woes

I have a friend who owns a Honda Jazz automatic that exhibits a strange steering behaviour. When travelling in a straight line and the steering wheel is slightly turned to the ...
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ECU Reset

I’ve experienced and heard about many cases where a vehicle’s computer needs to “reset itself” after a battery change or loss of electrical current to the computer. This usually means rough ...
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Overheating Protection

Our technical editor Nicol Louw worked on a Ford Transit project on which the maximum engine torque would be reduced due to increases in engine temperature until the motor would ...
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Power Difference

I recently bought an imported 1,8-litre (ABS) Golf engine fitted with a carburettor. In South Africa, you get the same 1,8-litre (HV) engine, but I see there is a difference in ...
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I own a 1992 BMW 325i automatic which has given me trouble-free service throughout its 22-year life. I’ve been using lead-replacement petrol (LRP) as directed by CAR since the introduction of ...
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Kia Sportage Wheel Diameter

I currently achieve an average fuel consumption figure of 12,0 litres/100 km with my 2007 Kia Sportage. With the current cost of petrol, I am considering options to improve my vehicle’s ...
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