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Engine Light and Reduced Power

I’ve owned a 2009 Ssangyong Actyon Sports since new and maintained it meticulously. As background information, here’s its service history: • The airflow sensor and accelerator sensor were replaced before 10 ...
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Corolla Engine Noise

I bought a Corolla 1,6 Advance in 2008 owing to its reputation for reliability. The car has now done 67 000 km. My concern is that, when it’s not been used ...
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Driving in low gears

My car is a 2010 Hyundai Atos 1,1 GLS. Every day, I drive to work on gravel roads at around 20 km/h and use mainly second and third gears owing to ...
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Flying Mercedes Engine

I have read a crash report of a new Mercedes-Benz C250 which hit a Palm tree in Los Angeles, tragically killing journalist Michael Hastings. What was shocking to me is that, ...
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Fuel economy query

I drive a 2011 BMW 323i Steptronic. I know cars fitted with automatic transmissions are generally heavier on fuel than their manual counterparts. Would I save fuel if I changed gear ...
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Two-stroke oil in fuel

Some two-stroke oil advocates advise the addition of two-stroke oil in small quantities (500 ml/tank) in the fuel tank of petrol and diesel engines. This is a hot topic on many ...
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Oil pressure, coolant temperature and power loss

I race a Volkswagen Golf 2 and noticed at a recent race at Zwartkops Raceway that my car’s oil pressure was in the region of 600 to 700 kPa at start-up ...
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Engine Performance

With regard to engine performance, I have been led to believe that low air pressure, such as that experienced at high altitudes (for example, Johannesburg) and high air temperatures negatively affect ...
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Original versus Pirate bonnet parts

“I would like to know what your view is on original versus pirate bonnet parts with respect to collision safety (specific to crumpling of the bonnet to avoid decapitation of occupants). ...
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I would like to buy a Volkswagen Polo 1,6 manual. According to VW, it delivers 77 kW at 5 250 r/min and 155 N.m of torque. Can you explain the technical ...
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An American publication recently claimed that Ford and GM are working on a 10-speed automatic transmission for future RWD cars, with the obvious aim of improv- ing fuel economy. Are 10 ...
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I own a Mazda 323 1,6 (the carburettor model). Two years ago, the car underwent a complete engine overhaul. Recently, on my way from Giyani in Limpopo to Midrand, I noticed ...
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