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From The Archives: Honda CRX

by CAR magazine on 26/08/2013

Comments: 4

Honda’s sleek little Civic-based CRX made its CAR Magazine debut for the June 1991 issue. With the first generation model not officially brought to South Africa, we had to make do with the svelte second generation model.

A strict two-seater, the CRX weighed in at a scant 980 kg at the time of testing. Powered by a 1,6-litre 16-valve engine, the little Honda managed the zero to 100 km/h sprint in 8,79 seconds and went on to a true top speed of 205 km/h.



  • Marlon

    Awesome!! How long i have waited and dreamt of this CRX Road Test Archive! Amazing Beauty of a Motor Vehicle. I own one of these, and the Ballade 160i Dohc. I would really appreciate if CAR could publish the Road Test of the 1991 Honda Ballade 160i Dohc on the website. Please

  • Chelsy

    Awesome!!! Really such a treat to read this! I have been bugging Sudhir for weeks to have this Road Test put on the website! I’m a proud CRX owner! :)

  • DaaiOu

    Haha gland nie a dodgy advertensie nie..

  • TRRRrrrrrrr Pa!

    That advert..haikhona!! LOL

    love the car though (still)