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From The Archives: Opel Astra OPC

by CAR magazine on 20/02/2014

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In the past, Opel’s performance machines were always distinguishable by the GSi badge mounted on the bootlid or front seats or on the front bumper. But in the late ’90s, with the set up of the Opel Performance Centre, hot Opels were soon to wear a new badge – the first of which was the Astra OPC.

Tested nearly 10 years ago, the first Astra OPC was the long-awaited rival to the likes of the turbocharged 1,8-litre Golf GTi – after the disappointing 2,2-litre Astra GSi failed to take the fight to the ground-breaking VW. The OPC division took the Astra three-door and turned up the street cred with multi-spoke 17-inch wheels, a front bumper with a deep airdam, and prominent rear spoiler.

Under the bonnet lied a turbocharged 2,0-litre four-cylinder motor that produced 147 kW at 5 600 r/min and 250 N.m of torque from 1 950 all the way to 5 600 r/min. Mated with a five-speed manual gearbox, the OPC managed the 0-100 km/h sprint in 7,5 seconds and a top speed of 239 km/h.




  • Knormoer

    Such a pity that GM dropped the ball with Opel. It will take years to repair the damagedone to a once proud marque

    • Opel fan

      Agree 100% lost the plot after the superboss and 200ts

  • Lennon Limbo

    i drive the coupe. And I’m not selling it.

  • Guest2

    another slow factory turbo engine. This is a 2.0L turbo pushing out 147kw and 250NM, yet a 1999 honda integra type R produces 141kw, 178nm from 1.8L with no turbo, and does the 1km sprint in 27.48s compared to this turbo opel which does it 28.61s!

    And a 1997 corolla RSi, 1.6L 20v, does 0-100 in 7.71s and the 1km sprint in 28.81s, which means that on the street, in a robot to robot race, this turbo opel isnt so fast after all!

    In the car shootout in 2013, the 206kw/400NM OPC does 0-100 in 6.6s and the 1km sprint in 27.12s, which means that a 1999 honda s2000 does a faster 1km sprint, which is in 27.01s!

    • nigel

      I have bumped this thread from four months ago, to show that the Honda is not as fast as you think it is.

      ‘CAR’ Magazine tested the S2000 twice and like European Road Tests, clearly shows that the Opel eases ahead around 130 Km/h.

      2000 Honda S2000 Roadster

      Tested:September 2000 Page 111
      1997 cc I4 Naturally Aspirated (N/A)
      177kW @ 8300 RPM
      208 N.m @ 7500 RPM
      Redline: 9000 RPM
      6-Speed Manual
      Weight: Test – 1275 Kg

      0-60 Km/h: 3,16 seconds
      0-80 Km/h: 4,83 seconds
      0-100 Km/h: 6,85 seconds
      0-120 Km/h: 9,43 seconds
      0-140 Km/h: 12,47* seconds

      *9,43+3,04= 12,47 Seconds / 120-140 Km/h in 3rd

      1 Km Sprint: 27,12 seconds @ 194,9 Km/h
      Top Speed: 236 Km/h

      2004 Honda S2000 Roadster

      Tested:August 2004 Page 96
      1997 cc N/A
      177kW @ 8300 RPM
      208 N.m @ 7500 RPM
      Redline:9000 RPM
      6-Speed Manual
      Weight: Test – 1302 Kg

      0-60 Km/h: 3,13 seconds
      0-80 Km/h: 4,76 seconds
      0-100 Km/h: 6,62 seconds
      0-120 Km/h: 9,24 seconds
      0-140 Km/h: 12,06* seconds

      *9,24+2,82= 12,06 Seconds / 120-140 Km/h in 3rd

      1 Km Sprint: 27,01 seconds @ 194,8 Km/h
      Top Speed: 239 Km/h

      2013 Opel Astra IV OPC Hatchback

      Tested:October 2013 Page 64 of Special Road Test Supplement
      1998 cc I4 Turbocharged
      206kW @ 5500 RPM
      400 N.m @ 2500 – 4500 RPM
      Redline: 6000 RPM
      6-Speed Manual
      Weight: Test – 1566 Kg

      0-60 Km/h: 3,66 seconds
      0-80 Km/h: 4,93 seconds
      0-100 Km/h: 6,55 seconds
      0-120 Km/h: 9,40 seconds
      0-140 Km/h: 11,82 seconds

      1 Km Sprint: 26,80 seconds @ 201,87 Km/h
      Top Speed: 250 Km//h

      As the S2000 Model went out of production in 2010, the current 3-14 year old Models will have a performance deficit of 5-20%, due to old age, thus it is very slim today that a S2000 could take on a new 2013 OPC and win in a sprint race.

  • Carfan73

    Those were the days, sadly Opel dropped the after this.