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Toyota Fortuner 3,0 D-4D and 4,0 V6 petrol

by Peter Palm on 15/09/2011

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At A Glance

Make TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner
Retail Price R500 700,00 R483 900,00 R423 700,00 R435 700,00 R452 900,00
kw 175 120 120 120 175
Torque 376 343 343 343 376
Top Speed 180 175 172 170 180

With the revised Fortuner, the engines and transmissions remain the same as on the previous range, but the styling outside and in has been tweaked.

Added features above the new entry-level 2,5 D-4D include climate control, leather seating, privacy glass at the rear, a reversing camera, a touch-screen centre display screen, auto-leveling high intensity headlamps, auto lights-on sensor and cruise control. These top-of-the-range models also have leather/wood-finish steering wheels and other wood-effect touches. Another improvement across the range is a darker colour upper facia to reduce sun reflection. All models now also have an under-body streamlining plate to improve aerodynamics.

We drove the V6 on the local launch in Zambia and the extra power was useful for overtaking speeding trucks which were supposed to be sticking to 80 km/h. The five-speed automatic gearbox has intelligent electronics but we still found that some hunting would occur when overtaking.

On a long, mountainous back road with a lot of hanging dust and sudden dips, the suspension of the Fortuner once more showed its comfort and compliance. Braking seemed up to the job and had to be tested now and then to save some goats (and the 17-inch wheels) from pothole damage. The interior remained dust- and rattle-free, and refined. Road noise on the tar sections from the Bridgestone Duelers was minimal.

With a permanent four-wheel-drive setup, we only had to lock the center diff for one steep section to stick to a 50:50 front-rear torque split and did not need to engage low range with the 4,0-litre petrol and auto ‘box.

Also see the driving impression of the 2,5 D-4D 4×2.

Prices vary from R395 000 for the 3,0-litre 4×2 D-4D (120 kW/343 N.m) to R466 900 for the 4×4 V6 petrol (175 kW/376 N.m). The 2,5 D-4D starts at R325 500.

Prices And Specs

Make TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner TOYOTA Fortuner
Model Fortuner 4.0 4x4 AT MY11 Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x4 Dsl MY11 AT Fortuner 3.0 D-4D RB Dsl MY11 Fortuner 3.0 D-4D RB Dsl MY11 AT Fortuner 4.0 RB AT MY11
Retail Price R500 700,00 R483 900,00 R423 700,00 R435 700,00 R452 900,00
kw 175 120 120 120 175
Torque 376 343 343 343 376
0-100km Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Top Speed 180 175 172 170 180
Fuel Type Petrol Diesel Diesel Diesel Petrol
Fuel Consumption Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Tyre Size Front 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17
Tyre Size Rear 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17
Rear Tyre Size Width 265 265 265 265 265
Rear Tyre Size Profile 65 65 65 65 65
Rear Tyre Rim Size 17 17 17 17 17
Spare Tyre Size 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17 265/65 R17
Tyre Pressure Monitor No No No No No
Wheelbase 2750 2750 2750 2750 2750

Safety And Features

Air Conditioner Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Audio System CD Frontloader USB CD Frontloader USB CD Frontloader USB CD Frontloader USB CD Frontloader USB
Rev Counter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gearbox Automatic Automatic Manual Automatic Automatic
ABS Brakes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Steering Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seats 7 7 7 7 7
Steering Wheel Heated No No No No No
Speakers 6 6 6 6 6
Colour Coded Bumpers Body Colour Body Colour Body Colour Body Colour Body Colour
Leather Trim Full Full Full Full Full
Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti Skid Control No No No No No
Electronic Defferential Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gears 5 4 5 4 5
Height 1850 1850 1850 1850 1850
Onboard Computer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immobiliser Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Split Rear Seats Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brake Assist Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electric Seats - - - - -
Cup Holders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electric Mirrors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electric Windows Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear
Doors 5 5 5 5 5
Airbag Driver Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Airbag Passenger Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Navigation System No No No No No
Park Assistance Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear
Side Impact Protection Bars Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sunroof No No No No No
Fog Lamps Front Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fog Lamps Rear Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Headlight Type High Intensity Discharge High Intensity Discharge High Intensity Discharge High Intensity Discharge High Intensity Discharge
Towbar No No No No No
Payload - - - - -
Bull Bar - - - - -

  • Toscanofigueira

    At least doesnt look like a VW polo!!!!

  • Toscanofigueira

    Stills the most attractive, reliable and robust SUV in the market. Just love it!

  • Kiran

    Toyota is one of the few manufacturers that can actually make a car look worse after a facelift. Looks like a Chinese car from certain angles!

  • Toscanofigueira



    Toyota Corolla



    Suzuki Alto



    Honda HR-V



    Ford Fiesta



    Honda Jazz



    Volvo S40



    Mazda 2



    Lexus IS



    Mitsubishi Colt



    Peugeot 207


  • Kiran

    What the hell do you have against the Polo? Fortuner and Polo are in completely different market segments, hence no basis for comparison!

  • Busang

    Can anyone tell me why reliability surveys have different results? Are they not supposed to be scientific? Is it just my suspicion that most of them are of trivial value?

  • Anonymous

    And from that same site the bottom ten
    1 Mercedes-Benz SL349.00
    2 Mercedes-Benz CL327.00
    3 Land Rover Range Rover295.00
    4 Mercedes-Benz S-Class287.00
    5 Nissan Pathfinder269.00
    6 Renault Espace 264.00
    7 Jeep Grand Cherokee 256.00
    8 Mercedes-Benz V-Class248.00
    9 Renault Vel Satis247.00
    10 Citroen C8 238.00

  • Toscanofigueira

    Busang, go to http://www.reliabilityindex.com its an acurate, fair and scientific excellent British site. They are impartial. Cars are rated by owners.

  • JPS

    Agree with you Kiran……I am a big Toyota fan and own 5 Hilux bakkies (1 x 3.0D4D Raider and 4 x 2.5D RB). They are excellent vehicles and I am considering upgrading them but have seen a few of the facelifted Hilux bakkies on the road and they look awful. Same with the rear lights of the Fortuner….WHY TOYOTA??

  • Toscanofigueira

    A toyota is a Toyota!! 100% reliable and cheap to live with.

  • Busang

    How did you measure that? Which brand is 99.9% reliable then, which one is 99.8% reliable and which one is 99.7% reliable? Don’t be ridiculous.

  • Busang

    You still haven’t answered my question, and besides all surveys claim that they rely on customer input. I have read most of them from different countries and I still don’t understand why their results are different.

  • Toscanofigueira

    If someone is ridiculous and dumb here is you! Man youre slow! Go to the British site http://www.reliabilityindex.com and understand what Ive said! A model of acertain marque can perfectly be 100% reliable, why not?! Theres a statment of a Toyota corolla owner that owned the car during 10 years and it gave him 0% problems!! Trouble free at 100%! Now you understand?? For you we have to explain as it was for children! God sake!

  • Goran

    I can find you many Toyota drivers that had problems in 10 years of ownership. Does that make Toyota 100% unreliable? Definetly not, but neither does 1 Toyota without problems make it 100% reliable.

    Went there and found the following in the bottom 10:
    4 Mercedes Benzes, 2 Renaults, 1 Citroen, 1 Jeep, 1 Nissan and 1 Landrover. 0 VW.
    Merc drivers will have something to say about that.

    Some other interesting things: Polo and New Fiesta exactly the same score (35)
    No Hyundai models
    Alfa 2 models
    Kia 2 models

    Interesting site but not very trustworthy. The statistical sample seems rather small to me. Many models not available (Golf6) and who knows how many examples were tested with those that are available.

    Please refrain from using the Lords name in that way. Your personal attacks on people are very bad netiquette. Reacting to critisism of your views in that way (after GaryT asked a decent question) brands you as the childish and immature one.

  • GaryT

    Well in that case VW is 100 % reliable because I owned one for 12 years and it gave me 0% problems and was 100 % trouble free.

  • Toscanofigueira

    The Golf always had a nigthmare in terms of reliability and as you can see in the list of reliability survey in http://www.reliabilityindex.com VW is one of the least reliable marque together with Jeep, land rover, mercedes… Im not talking about the polo bucause thats a true disaster in terms of reliability!!! the most reliable marques in all surveys are all the Asiatics, Ford, Bmw, Volvo. Against facts there are no arguments.

  • Goran

    Funny the list I saw on that site had Volvo, BMW, Renault, Crysler, Alfa, Merc all below VW and that is the facts. Another fact that you choose to ignore while lambasting the Polo is that the new Fiesta Has an index of 35 and average repair cost of 202.05 while the Polo features a index of 35 and an average cost of 190.48. Like I said Interesting site. But a rather small statistical sample and in the end not really a true reflection of what we can expect here. I prefer the local JD Power survey. http://www.link2media.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=10887&Itemid=15

  • Toscanofigueira

    Well, you surely drive a VW. Anyway, dont be blind; I tell you: among 33 models VW is placed in 22th which is not good at all! The golf is a disater in terms of reliability. It has only one good thing: the fit and finish. Nothing else! The polo is another disaster and almost 80% of them are trouble cars! The same for the touareg thats a huge disaster in terms of engine and electrical reliability… In all, bu ALL reliability surveys since 1980, the Japanese marques and Ford are the most reliable. Nowadays we can count with the South Koreans also.

  • Egerritz

    Sorry !!! Taillight and headlamp.

  • Egerritz

    Just love the photo gallery. Two taillights and two nothing photo’s.

  • Toscanofigueira

    The most reliable cars sold in the UK are made by Japanese brands, according to the latest Warranty Direct and What Car? survey. For the fifth year Honda topped the annual car reliability study, with just 7 per cent requiring repairs in a 12 month period. Lexus, which has just launched an engine recall in the UK, came fourth and Toyota, which was hit by a major recall in February, came fifth. The only European brands in the top 10 were Ford and Mini, with Kia being the highest placed Asian carmaker.

    The research comes from Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index which uses the company’s 50,000 live policies on cars ranging from 4 to 11 years old to build up a database focused on vehicle reliability.

    Land Rover, proved to be the least reliable manufacturer out of 32 included in the study, with 53 per cent of cars suffering a fault, while Jeep, jaguar and Renault are also among the most likely to break down.

    “in Autocar mag”

  • DBM

    I had a red Toyota Hilux d4d. At about 5 000km the turbo started cutting out at 125km/h. Little later a whine that sounded like a wheel bearing. Friday car, definetely yes and it happens. But what got me was the Toyota support – never gave me a car when they tried to fix the problems. When I asked for a trade in so that I can take a new one – they did not want the Hilux. Toyota, probably a great product – but I will never drive one again!