April 2017

Alfa Romeo and Liverpool FC: two things that have a surprising amount in common. I’ve supported both for a long time and the similarities have become apparent.

Hear me out.
Firstly, they’re both associated with the colour red. Sure, occasionally both the Liverpool team and the odd Alfa wears a different-coloured away strip, but usually it’s rosso classico that Alfas look most comfortable in, while Liverpool scores most of its goals dressed in a lighter hue.
Secondly, and unfortunately so, they have both struggled to relive their glory days. As I’ve mentioned before, my dad had a couple of Alfas in the early 1970s, a time when Juniors, Giulias, Alfettas and Montreals stirred the blood and an Alfa was about as cool a car as you could buy.

I began supporting Liverpool at the same time and a decade of league, FA Cup and European Cup glory followed. The future for both looked assured and bright; what could possibly go wrong? A lot, as it turned out. In the last three decades, apart from some very isolated cup and
sportscar highlights, Liverpool has not won the league and Alfa has failed to offer a successful mass-production vehicle outside of partisan Italy. Things are, however, looking up. For the latter, at least.

The car on our cover represents what could be a genuine renaissance for the Italian marque. Built on the new Giorgio platform, the Giulia QV is an astoundingly good performance sedan; although the proof, of course, will be in the more affordable petrol and diesel models that follow, as well as the Stelvio SUV due next and built on the same platform. As a portent of what may come, the Giulia gives hope to not only Alfa fans, but all motoring enthusiasts. I don’t think there’s any petrolhead who wouldn’t celebrate Alfa Romeo’s return. For Liverpool, on the other hand – as I have for 27 long, long years – I live in hope.

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