June 2015

It all boils down to the quality of the road, doesn’t it?

No matter how good your finely tuned steed’s engine, suspension setup or tyres are, their effectiveness can quickly be negated by a poorly surfaced road.

I was pondering this while driving a Ferrari. It’s the one you see on page 38, and the camera crew and I were threading our way along the coastal road between Gordon’s Bay and Rooiels. It’s one of the finest driving roads in South Africa – smooth but grippy, with perfectly cambered turns that flow into one another – and it’s just wide enough to not be too much of a white-knuckle affair. Plus, there’s the view. On that particular Monday, it was a still and glassy ocean across False Bay.

Getting there at sunrise and, keeping an eye out for cyclists (who like this road, too), I could give this Prancing Horse its head as I enjoyed the distinctive exhaust note bouncing off the Kogel Bay mountain range to my left. “Not k*k” is, I believe, the preferred expression.

This and De Waal Drive in Cape Town are my two favourite driving roads. Road surface, camber, flow and view  – they tick all the boxes.

I’m interested to hear what yours are…

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