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Softer Pirelli F1 tyres

by Sudhir Matai on 31/01/2012

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Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli assembled the world's press in Abu Dhabi last week to announce the changes to its 2012 Formula One tyres.

The basic gist of the changes is that all the slick compounds have been altered. Pirelli claim that by reducing the performance differential between the compounds teams will make more strategic decisions with regards to tyre use during the race.

Spectators will be happy to note that the markings differentiating the compounds are now much more prevalent. Pirelli has, inadvertently, become the world's leader in terms of tyre markings as Formula One's wide television audience need to be kept abreast of what tyres the cars are using at any given moment.

There has also been a shift in the tyre shape. A more square shape has been adopted when viiewed in cross-section. The idea behind this new shape is a more even distribution of loads and temperature across the surface of the tyre with the aim of reducing the potential to blister.

For a full account of the new tyres and how they may affect the 2012 race season please see the attached document by clicking on the documents tab in the top right hand corner of the image block.