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CAR's latest issue: May 2014

May 2014 Issue

Editors Note

Steve Smith

I thought I’d lost a wheel. The noise was ear-splitting and the feedback through the steering wheel severe enough to convince me the right front was history. Best-case scenario, ...
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Cover Stories

Mercedes-Benz C250

Mercedes-Benz has a lot riding on the success of the latest iteration of its best-selling model. The C-Class faces fierce competition, but it’s raring for a fight…

Test: Honda Brio Sedan 1,2 Comfort vs. Suzuki Swift Dzire 1,2 GL

Two budget sedans from Japan (via India) square off in a battle for the hearts of the rationally minded

Bike: Ducati 899 Panigale

Ducati, arguably the most exotic name in motorcycling, has created a middleweight racer for the road

Drive: Audi S3 Sedan

Just when the compact sports sedan era seems over, Audi unleashes a contender that is as swift as it is sophisticated

Also in this issue

Technical: Why you car needs gears

The gear count in modern cars continues to rise. We look at why cars need gears in the first place.

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Speed: Senna Remembered 20 Years On

Two decades ago this month, one of motorsport’s most revered drivers was killed. The 1st of May 1994 remains among the sport’s blackest days. We recall the great man ̷

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