November 2013

November 2013 IssueNovember 2013

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and the fact that nobody reads the editor’s letter first. Which means the odds are you’ve already had a gander through our big redesign and noticed that …

… two things have changed. Firstly, we’ve given CAR a classically modern look and feel by cutting down the colour palette, allowing the copy more room to breathe, adding more bite-sized nuggets of info and focusing (even) more on the quality of our images. And, secondly, we’ve also restructured the magazine’s content a little to create a more natural flow. The aim is to take you on a journey from the first time you hear about a new model right up to a point where you might consider buying it when it eventually reaches the showroom.

These are those new sections:

Insight: A first look at new concepts and models, insider information on the motoring industry and some insightful consumer advice.

Drive: The first time we drive a new model. These are concise driving impressions generated from the various international and local launches we attend.

Test: The great bastion of CAR magazine – our independent road tests. This is where we review a vehicle in detail and, as always, bring you all the specifications and results from our extensive testing regimen.

Tech: The automotive industry is driven by technological development and here motoring technologies are simply, yet thoroughly, explained.

Buy: Carefully researched advice on finally buying the car that first caught your eye in a previous section. There are also some tips on buying pre-owned vehicles and classics.

Speed: A little love for motorsport fans to end the mag. This section bookends what we believe is a comprehensive, useful motoring publication.

One thing we haven’t done, however, is change our editorial pillars. The content might be packaged differently, but it’s still the same information you have come to expect from CAR magazine. True to the long-standing expectations of readers over the last 56 years, we remain committed to providing you with independent road tests and useful consumer insights for South African motorists.

I trust you will like this new road travelled and, as ever, your opinion is highly valued. Please let us know what you think.

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