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December 2015

This is Nicol Louw. He is an engineer and he knows more about how motor vehicles work than anyone I know.

He’s worked for Ford in Europe, on South Africa’s Joule electric vehicle, and he is also CAR magazine’s technical editor. Therefore, he is pretty handy to have around the office when we need to know stuff like “how does this new water injection technology really work?” or “how do you calculate a car’s drag coefficient?”

It also means that when you get invites like the one from Toyota last month that said: “How would you like to not only have an exclusive first drive of the Toyota Mirai fuel cell car, but chat to Yoshikazu Tanaka, Toyota’s chief engineer for the Mirai programme?”, we can say, “Absolutely! We have just the guy.”

You can read Nicol’s driving impression on page 40 and his technical feature on page 108. I know he’s looking a little serious in this picture, but that has more to do with the fact that we made him wear a lab coat than his actual disposition … Nicol’s a really friendly chap who is only too pleased to share his deep automotive engineering knowledge.

It’s something he does every month in the TECH section of our magazine and it’s some-thing that follows in the footsteps of previous technical editors, such as the legendary Jake Venter, who have given this magazine an edge its competitors lack.

Back in January of 1976, CAR and sister publication TechniCAR merged and since then we have been made it our mission to keep our readers informed of the very latest automotive technologies.

If you want to hear Nicol’s authoritative tones, tune in to Talk Radio 702 every Tuesday between 2:30 and 3:00 pm where he answers listeners’ queries, or you can mail him at [email protected] with “Technical” in the subject line if you have any of your own.


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