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December 2016

I’m a difficult guy to buy presents for, that much I’ll admit. It’s the same story every Christmas … my family and friends make subtle enquiries as to what I’d like wrapped under the tree.

The problem is, I’m a man of specific rather than expansive tastes – I know what I want, but inevitably already have it. I’m not really a present person, either. Sincere and hearty best wishes seem like a much better idea than enduring the mall hordes and exhausting your credit card on over-priced gifts that end up gathering dust in someone’s cupboard.

Still, December arrives and the inevitable questions come my way. So, this time, Santa ol’ friend, I’m sending you Steve’s Christmas Wish List:

Fewer idiots on the road. As treasonable as it may be, can I just say that we appear to have a higher-than-average ratio of idiots sharing our roads. I’ve driven on other continents and we Flout traffic laws more than most.

And fewer trucks, too. The demise of our rail system has seen the roadtransport
industry flourish, adding to the numbers of the aforementioned folk churning up our poorly maintained routes.

Cheaper cars. I have banged on about this before but, given the dip in our
economy and corresponding rise in car prices, we need more affordable, yet safe cars.

A Porsche 550 Spyder. Because I’ve always wanted one. I even have the scale
model … and I’ve been reasonably good this year.

Look, I don’t need all of them; one or two would be fine, thanks Santa. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year!

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