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February 2017

Sixty years. Few magazines boast that kind of longevity. Ours is a medium that’s often dictated by the ebb and flow of consumer tastes and trends, with many magazines shining brightly for a time and then fading. Not CAR.

Thanks to a six-decade-long commitment to consumer journalism that has resolutely had you, our readers, first and foremost in our minds, we’ve endured. In terms of our driving impressions, road tests, tech features and buying advice, we tell it like it is because that’s what you expect of us.

We’ve evolved, too. No longer just a print magazine, we now have a major online presence with 300 000 unique users a month visiting, 360 000 fans on Facebook, 50 000 followers on Twitter, and 2 500 on our newest platform, Instagram. Underpinning this, of course, is a strong team, and CAR has been fortunate to count among its numbers some of the most respected automotive journalists of their respective eras. They’ve been led by some mighty editors, too, and I asked three predecessors (CAR has had only eight editors) for their blessings for the next 10 years…

“I would like to salute those dedicated journalists, sales people and humble behind-the-scenes workers who have made CAR the world’s greatest motoring journal over the past six decades. CAR represented most of my working life and, like those before and after me, I was totally devoted to creating each month’s issue. I’m sure you and the 21st-century team feel much the same way. May you never run out of steam (or fuel).” Cedric Wright editor from 1961-’82

“The late John Wright, who preceded me as editor, used to say we had witnessed motoring’s Golden Age,an era in which the car gave man his freedom. In the New Age, when care of the environment has become the focus, CAR remains as relevant as ever, and continues to be the pacesetter in our market. All the best for the next momentous decade.” John Bentley editor from 2006-’10

“As a youngster growing up in small-town South Africa, this magazine provided me with a monthly escape to a world of cars, places and legends that seemed far
removed from my reality. It served as my inspiration and the fuel for my ambitions. Seeing it continue to flourish when the automotive and media worlds are undergoing
tumultuous change speaks volumes of how entrenched this brand is in local life, and the dedication of the people who put their hearts and souls into it, every day.”
Hannes Oosthuizen,editor from 2011-’13

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