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January 2016

November has its pros and cons. It’s my birthday month and that’s not a good thing.

For the last decade, time seems to have been in FFWD mode and my 40s have gone by in a flash. There is, however, an upside to the speedy return of the year’s 11th month … it means our Performance Shootout road trip comes around quicker.

Our love of all things automotive requires that we apply the full force of our knowledge and experience when driving and analysing regular hatches, sedans, SUVs and bakkies, but it’s the opportunity to drive the cars on this issue’s cover that really gets us springing out of bed well before the sun has risen.

For one week in November, the entire CAR team comes together for a road trip to drive the latest performance cars available in South Africa … all of which culminates in the magazine you’re currently holding and a bunch of exciting drag videos on our website
This year, we got our hands on a diverse range of cars, from lithe GTs to blaz- ing hot hatches and bludgeoning sports SUVs. I hope you enjoy reading it. We certainly enjoyed producing it.

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