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May 2017

Politicians – especially the ones who’ve made such a mess of running this great country – could learn a lot from the modern double-cab bakkie. And, especially, the bakkies featured in our 18-page shootout this month.

These top-spec, Five-seater, turbodiesel 4x4s (see page 48) may have all the luxuries and accessories any ambitious double cab could wish for, but beneath all the trappings of success, these vehicles have not lost sight of their fundamental purpose. They may possess fancy infotainment systems, leather upholstery and electric everything –
and, yes, they’re expensive – but they are still capable of doing what they were always designed to do. And that’s to serve their passengers. These double cabs’ fundamental purpose is to transport South Africans and their families safely, in relative comfort and worry-free,on the journeys they undertake.

They remain robust vehicles and, when the road turns from smooth tar to rough gravel and even rocky inclines, these double cabs have the capability to carefully carry their passengers over challenging terrain. Plus, they’re more efficient; their smaller-capacity turbodiesel engines offer equivalent power to that of the older models, yet use less fuel. They have also learnt from their forebears how to not only faithfully apply the principles of an illustrious ancestor, but how to build on those principles using new technology and safety features to offer an even better public service. Unlike those politicians…

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