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October 2017

The eighth year of a decade clearly has cosmic automotive relevance. General Motors built its 100 millionth car in 1967; Ford could boast the same in 1977; and 1987 saw the millionth South African assembled Volkswagen roll off the Uitenhage line. I’ve no doubt a drive further up and down the timeline would produce additional landmarks, including one in 1957 that marks the year the first issue of CAR was printed.

For this 728th issue, however, our focus is on the year 1947 and we’re looking at a genesis rather than a milestone. It was, of course, the year Enzo Ferrari designed and built the first automobile to carry his name and the famous Prancing Horse badge on its bonnet. With this issue, we celebrate the 70th birthday of a marque that has consistently built the most desirable cars on the planet. Indeed, choosing your favourite – an exercise the team undertakes on page 27 – is not an easy task, with choices that could range from the legendary 250 GTO to the contemporary LaFerrari.

As a tribute to a marque that, more than any other, stirs the blood and evokes automotive passion, we’ve put together a fitting tribute to the many wonderful cars that have come out of Maranello, including a fascinating look at the brand’s history in South Africa. Even if you’re not an out-and-out Ferrari fan, it makes for compelling reading.

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