February 2015

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February 2015
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Editor's note

You get Leafs, and you get leaves. One of them I propose to turn over in 2015, and the other is part of a special feature on EVs and hybrids that you can read from page 88. The ...

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Cover stories

The Next Gen Hatches

2015 will be an exciting year for hatchback and crossover buyers. The expert advice kicks off on page 28...

Driven: Disco Sport

The Discovery Sport is the Freelander’s replacement. The question, then, is not whether it’s better, but by how much

How to increase your car's value

A new car represents a significant financial commitment. This is how you can minimise your loss during the ownership period

Ford's Toyota Killers

With improved off-road ability, on-road manners and safety, the new Everest and revised Ranger will look to topple the Fortuner and Hilux

Also in this issue

Tested: Citroën C1 VTi 82 Feel & Suzuki Celerio 1,0 Space GL

We explore two takes on A-segment motoring with the fresh-to-our-market Citroën C1 and Suzuki Celerio

Tech: Why cars look alike

There's no disputing the fact that most modern cars bear design resemblances. This is why they all share a basic profile...

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