March 2015

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The March 2015 Issue
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Editor's note

The guys behind me seem friendly enough. Bump into them anywhere and they will strike you as normal, cheery, polite and helpful. Pillars of society. Role models. They pay their ...

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Cover stories

CAR Top 12 Best Buys - in association with Tracker

With the number of individual models in the SA market totalling more than a thousand, consult this guide for your purchasing shortlist

We test the BMW i8

BMW has guaranteed head-turning appeal with its show-stopping i8, but can the clever hybrid deliver on expectation?

Chinese leisure bakkie test

How do the latest bakkie offerings from JMC and GWM measure up against the all-conquering Hilux?

We also test the Ford Fusion

Is this the car that will finally reignite D-segment sedan sales in South Africa? It’s certainly good enough to...

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