September 2015

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Editor's note

Steve Smith

This device rules my life. More than any person, it’s the boss of me. It wakes me up (with the sound of a revving engine), chimes once a year the day before my wedding anniver...

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Cover stories

Bucket List drive: Cruising the Cape in a '67 Mustang Fastback

Pump the accelerator once and then turn the key,” the owner instructs. The big moment has finally arrived.

Epic JHB-CPT Road Trip 1 000 Mile in an AMG GT S

As a tribute to one of Mercedes-Benz’s proudest motorsport moments, we undertook our own Mille Miglia journey in the brand’s latest GT road car

RWD funfest Mazda MX-5

We flew to Japan to find out if the all-new MX-5 retains the purity of its predecessors

Fastest Audi ever new R8

Audi’s new R8 is a more rounded proposition, but is it as exciting as its lauded forebear?


The next generation of the popular BMW X1 has a beefed-up stance, linking it more closely to the rest of the X family

Also in this issue

BUY: Consumer feature: seat covers

Leather upholstery – real or fake – gets hot and scuffed. Seat covers remain an effective solution to both problems

TEST: Volvo XC90 Inscription

Thirteen years after the launch of the first-generation Volvo XC90, its replacement has finally arrived – and it was definitely worth the wait

TECH: Feature: Your phone could choose your car

The BMW Group's 2015 innovations Day offered a glimpse at the future of the company's drivetrain technologies

SPEED: Killarney dragrace

The Mercedes-AMG GT S is less powerful than Jaguar’s F-Type R V8 AWD, but it’s also significantly lighter. Which one is quickest over 400 metres?

COLUMNS: Hit the road by Sudhir Matai

Driving for the pure pleasure of it might soon come to an end. Get in your cars, readers,
and go!

INSIGHT: Cool stuff: the Mini collection

Embody the Mini lifestyle with these best sellers from the Mini Collection

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