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BMW 1 M Coupé successor confirmed

by Gareth Dean on 14/03/2013

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BMW looks set to produce a successor to the 1 M Coupe

Those mourning the recent cessation of BMW 1 M Coupé production will be elated to hear that a successor has been all but confirmed.

Speaking with BMW enthusiast’s site, bmwblog.com, M division CEO Dr. Friedrich Nitschke commented that while the company was experiencing a good degree of success with the recently launched BMW M135i, it was not a “pure M car.”

“At the moment we are thinking of what can we do with an entry-level car for the M brand. We haven’t made a decision yet, but the 1 M Coupé was so successful, that in my opinion, I am absolutely sure we will build a successor”, said Nitschke.

Given the M135i’s luxury bearing (read heavy kerb weight) and the praise heaped upon the visceral, no-frills BMW 1 M Coupé, it seems logical that the M division would look to emulate the latter model’s success.

It’s likely that the next-generation BMW 1 M Coupé will be heavily based upon the M135i, which features a 3,0-litre, straight-six turbopetrol developing 235 kW/450 N.m, but is likely to employ a number of weight-saving technologies and a more aggressive body kit.