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BREAKING NEWS: Toyota Corolla pricing released

by Wilhelm Lutjeharms on 06/02/2014

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BREAKING: Toyota Corolla pricing released

It is Toyota South Africa Motors’ most important product it will introduced this year. The car is launched to the South African media starting today and now we can finally reveal the new range’s pricing.

1,3-litre Esteem: R214 900
1,3-litre Prestige: R232 900

1,4-litre D4-D Esteem: R237 900
1,4-litre D4-D Prestige: R249 900

1,6-litre Esteem: R225 900
1,6-litre Prestige: R241 900
1,6-litre Prestige CVT: R252 900
1,6-litre Sprinter: R248 900

1,8-litre Prestige: R251 900
1,8-litre Exclusive: R272 900
1,8-litre CVT Exclusive: R283 900

Look out for a driving impression of the Toyota Corolla in the next few days.

  • S A N

    as usual, the prices are reasonable ;)

  • Miguel