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Cape Town Streetrod Festival

by Mike Monk on 26/05/2010

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On a day when the vehicles were brighter than the weather, pin-up girls braved the cold conditions as a strong turn-out of streetrods, muscle cars and ‘bikes shuffled in and out of the Killarney racetrack in Cape Town on May 23. The circuit’s drag strip was occupied all day with some interesting duels taking place, while on the oval track section plenty of rubber was being smoked by drifters and the like.

  • David H

    Thanks Mike. Appreciate you making the effort and taking the time to bring us the extraordinary. Enjoyed your George Motor Show submissions as well. Nostalgia rules!

  • V Neethling

    Lovely Oldies!!!! Thanks Mike

  • Carlos Shane

    well aside from hot girl on hot rod a lot of auto service centers are joining the show. I might be expecting a lot on this one.