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CAR’s Matai puts on his race face!

by CAR magazine on 29/09/2010

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CAR has a long tradition of sponsoring saloon car racing in SA. Our involvement stretches back almost two decades with the prestigious Rookie of the Year competition. As the years have progressed we also included the CAR Challenge awards, which are cash prizes meted out to the overall class winners at every meeting. Our involvement as a sponsor of Stannic Group N and subsequently Production Car racing has been merely as spectators, until now, that is…

CAR has been offered a guest drive in the upcoming round of the WesBank Super Series Production Car race. On a normal race weekend the category features three races, two back to back sprint races and a longer feature race usually lasting 12 laps. As an initiative to introduce an endurance aspect to the formula, the third Production Car race at this weekend’s race meeting will be a 90-minute affair.

Tasked with upholding CAR’s reputation is our man Matai. CAR’s associate editor and resident hotshoe has had a taste of track racing when he went wheel-to-wheel with some of South Africa’s racing legends last year at the Citi Celebrity challenge. Despite being a complete novice Matai acquitted himself well with a credible qualifying position and decent race pace. Whereas that was a marketing exercise to bid farewell to VW’s Citi Golf, this is a much more serious task.

By the good graces of the Ford Racing team Sudhir will be sharing a Ford Focus ST with Shaun Duminy. And even though he has pounded many laps around Killarney in various machines, the thought of piloting a proper racecar with immense power has had him pacing up and down the office halls over the last few days.

Production Car racers take no prisoners and the attrition rate can stack up over a race weekend. Matai is hoping that the longer format will mean less of a gung-ho attitude from the usually brusque group of racers.

Look out for more on CAR’s very first Production Car outing over the next few days and keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

  • Miguel

    Bravo Ford! The Focus is a real rocket! Just love it!