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Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

by Kelly Lodewyks on 14/09/2011

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It’s been a busy first press day at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Kelly Lodewyks has done a lot of walking and seen a variety of vehicles. Here’s a gallery of what she's spotted so far.

  • Toscanofigueira

    The new Toyota Yaris is probably one of the mst interesting production car at the German show. Its a quite attractive small hatcback that promises! Neat and nice!Waiting for it in South Africa.

  • Crispen

    In some ways cars are like people. They have a character. The best and most memorable cars have a lot of character. Think the icons of the time. The VW Beetle. The BMC Mini. The Citroen DS. The Gullwing Mercedes 300 SL. The Land Rover Defender. Alfa Romeo and many more. Some cars have less character and are almost characterless – little grey men cars and they all look the same. Unfortunately that’s whats coming out of the modern car industry at pesent. Can you quickly tell the difference between a Hyundai and Honda? A Kia and a Toyota or a Chev? Even some of the German cars are starting to look alike. The French and Italians and Porsche seem not to have lost their flair and character.

  • Anonymous

    Given a choice between the new Yaris and the new Kia Rio I would take the Korean at the drop of a hat