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Grand Tease 5

by Kelly Lodewyks on 05/11/2010

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Grand Tease 5

Ok, so I’m not the biggest fan of gaming, save for a few Red Bull infused nights of playing Juiced 1 and 2 on the PS2, but even I have been looking forward to the release of Gran Turismo 5. However, all this teasing about a release date has me wondering whether I’ll be forced to order this game from my retirement village on my Sony PS9.

CAR has used    GT4 for its annual Virtual Le Mans Challenge and would like to eventually upgrade to PS3 and GT5, but we’re not about to hold our breaths. We’re hoping it happens before we celebrate the 20th annual Virtual LeMans Challenge – we’ve already done four.

Several release dates have come and gone and fans are now wondering if the 2010 silly season will pass by without finding a nicely-wrapped GT5 disc under their Christmas tree – and I don’t blame them. But hopes are high once more as the latest news is that GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi has told the SEMA show press that the discs "are being stamped as we speak,” which hints that the game is well and truly complete and would be ready for release before the end of 2010. I couldn’t help thinking that the image of him with hands pressed together to signify the stamping process, looks far too similar to the way I’ve been taught to squash a bug… or perhaps a video game riddled with bugs?

Now I don’t mean to come across all negative, but there's a veritable wealth of titles already on offer especially, dare I suggest ,on the Xbox360 such as the formidable    Forza 3. Cross platform titles such as the Need for Speed games (with Hot Pursuit due next month) and Race Driver series. Heck, even the Project Gotham series all offer 24 races with the obligatory Le Mans and Nürburging options. There’s also the option of arcade-like titles such as newcomers Blur and Split/Second Velocity and stalwarts such as the prolific Burnout series. Because crashing is fun too, dammit!

Remember    Wipeout XL on PS1? I'm almost sure that was produced inside of a week and many claim that it was BRILLIANT. And if gravel is your thing, there are a host of new titles out too, most notably Dirt 2 and the looming Dirt 3. DC man Ken Block has already leaked pictures of himself testing that one to death. And then there are always the annual Formula One game releases. Shew, remind us Polyphony, what the heck are you waiting for?


“IF GT5 was a meal – you'd have your supper for breakfast”

“IF GT5 was a government department – we’d be on strike for poor service delivery”

“IF GT5 were an F1 driver – it would be Kimi Raikkonnen who hinted at a 2011 race seat”

“IF GT5 was a car – it would be the promised Jaguar F-Type”

“IF GT5 were a F1 team – it would be USF1”

Ok it’s not quite “Yo’ mama!” jokes. But you get the picture.


    I cannot believe it is taking them so long to release the game. I have been waiting almost two years for the release. They say this game would be ‘like no other’. It better be.