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McCarthy helps Chery blossom in South Africa

by CAR magazine on 01/02/2008

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McCarthy helps Chery blossom in South Africa

In mid-2007, McCarthy Motors marched in the Meiya bakkie, and now the well-known name in the South African automotive trade has signed a distribution deal with yet another “made in China” manufacturer – Chery Automobile Company.

“Details of the models we will market in South Africa are still being finalised, but we are delighted to have signed an agreement with such a significant Chinese motor manufacturer,” commented Jolyon Nash, McCarthy’s executive director responsible for the company’s import and distribution division.

South African can expect to see Chery passenger cars on the road around the fourth quarter of 2008. Yin Tongyao, chairman and general manger of Chery Automobile expressed that he is “pleased that Chery will soon be a player in a market that accounts for 60% of vehicle sales in Africa and, as such, would provide a springboard for sales of our products into other African countries.”

According to McCarthy, McCarthy Value Centres will be the national dealer network for Chery products. These centres will also be used to sell and service Chery vehicles.

Chery was established in 1997 and claims to be China’s top exporter and fourth ranked Chinese motor company when it comes to passenger car production.

“We are most excited about the Chery distribution rights, and are confident that these high quality, attractive, and very affordable vehicles will find wide acceptance in the South African market,” concluded Nash.