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New VW Jetta arrives

by Kelly Lodewyks on 01/09/2011

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With many “budget” manufacturers releasing good quality products lately, the market staples have had to step up their game. And Volkswagen has done just that with its latest Jetta.

Fresh from its launch into the South Africa market, the sixth-generation Jetta is 90 mm longer at 4 644 mm, and has a 73 mm longer wheelbase than the model it replaces. As a result it now offers more interior space and, according to Volkswagen, more style for a mid-sized saloon. A wide range of optional trim levels is also offered.

Two diesel and three petrol engine options are available. The oil-burning 1,6- and 2,0-litre TDI units develop 77 and 118 kW respectively, with torque figures standing at 250 N.m for the smaller option and 320 N.m for the larger of the two. Petrol engine choices include an entry-level 77 kW/175 N.m 1,2 TSI, a 1,4 TSI with 90 kW/200 N.m of torque, and finally an uprated example of this unit with 118 kW and 240 N.m. Fuel consumption for these engines is between claimed figures of 4,5 and 6,3 litres/100 km.

All models, except for the 1,6 TDI Comfortline, come equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. The exception is available with a five-speed manual or seven-speed DSG ‘box. VWSA announced at the launch that it also hopes to launch a 1,4 DSG Jetta in the future.

Three trim levels are available – Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. Standard features across the range include ABS, ESP with brake assist, a hill hold function, rain sensing wipers, auto-on headlamps, auto dimming rear-view mirror, an array of airbags and other safety features and an audio system that can be controlled via the controls on the standard leather-clad steering wheel.


1,2 TSI (77 kW) Trendline R222 000
1,4 TSI (90 kW) Trendline R234 500
1,4 TSI (90 kW) Comfortline R244 500
1,6 TDI (77 kW) Comfortline R259 500
1,6 TDI (77 kW) Comfortline DSG R274 000
1,4 TSI (118 kW) Highline R274 500
2,0 TDI (103 kW) Highline R297 200

All prices include a 3-year/120 000 km warranty and VW’s 5 year/90 000 AutoMotion service plan.

For a full specification list, download the specification sheet by clicking on the documents tab in the top right hand corner of the image block.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Why can;t the image be enlarged or opened?

  • Anonymous

    I think the new Elantra is a better buy.

  • Alf

    Looks like a larger Polo Vivo, but i like the fact that there are more derivatives to accommodate the budget of every VW fan. The inside also seems more appealing, but i suspect it is reserved for the top and most expensive range.

  • Biki

    The VW emper has run out of ideas.the rear lights could hv been stolen from an older audi,the front is passat.i wonder where this car leaves the passat,a4 and a6.

  • Toscanofigueira

    More plain is impossible… Nothing to excite. Nothing to like.

  • Anthony Mindel

    Very classy looking,much like an Audi A4,expecially the back lights.

    Should continur to be a massive seller for Volkswagen worldwide,with 10 million Jettas allready on the roads globally.

    Now fully imported from Mexico.

  • Janprinsloos

    Agree with Charl. Concept looked a bit better. This looks soooooo boring. Really. It is a timeless design yes, but has VW gone too conservative? Jetta 5 looked better… Pricing seems keen though, lot better than Jetta 5. It will sell, a few… i guess.

  • Nigel

    The Designer must have been in a coma – what a boring looking car – watch out the Koreans are going to have a party.

  • Charl Bosch

    Saw one yesterday on the back of a transporter here in PE. In concept form it looked good but in production form, looks like a toned down Passat

  • Paul Gibbon

    Yawn boring!!!!!!

  • Mlondozie

    In my opinion many of the newer offerings from the various manufacturers are over-styled and although rather eye catching will not date as well as this vehicle. The new Jetta looks conservative and clean lined. Not my cup of tea… and yet it is not entirely unfortunate looking.

  • Werner Barnard

    I love the look of the new jetta. Please get your facts straight regarding the diesel engines!! Is it a 1.8TDI or a 2.0 TDI? with an output of 118kw and 320nm torque…as you mention it in the article, but it does not appear on the price list or spec sheet… Please clarify!

  • Esaias Reinier Cronje Craig

    wel ek is nie gelukkig om die manier hoe hulle vw jetta bou nie,my drome is dat front face van jetta moet dieselfde lyk as Vw SCIROCCO R en agter kant moet meer bramantige gat wees,meer soos golf se gat al het hy kattebak,verkies ek beter en goeie gehalte voorkoms en agterkant ,die binnekant is doodreg,geen probleme nie maar die shape en boonop die kw performance is nie wat ek wil he nie,dit moet meer performances wees bv 140kw 0f 184 kw en die 2.0 skop 103 kw uit dis baie swak en dit pla my.hoop julle kan goed verkoop kry.sterkte.

  • Toscanofigueira

    So dull, so plain… who can like it??

  • Prakashzn

    Why so expensive, made in Mexico and sold in USA for $16000, sold in SA for R220’000, looks like the people making profits are rubbing hands with glee

  • Olebogeng D Motlapele Matseke

    the new vw jetta, 1.4 tsi 118kw and the 2.0 TDI 103kw whaat!?..i guess dynamites come in small packages.

  • Lodewyk

    Please if right an article please make sure it is not full of mistakes.
    There are no 1.8 TDI and the 1.4 TSI does not have identical power as the 1.2 TSI.