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Is this the production-ready Honda NSX?

by Wilhelm Lutjeharms on 16/01/2013

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Whether it was planned or not, hours before Honda was about to showcase a follow-up concept of the new NSX sportscar, these pictures of what may be a production-spec Acura (Honda) NSX have leaked onto the ‘web.

From what we can gather, subtle changes have been made to the car’s exterior. But, more importantly, these pictures show in detail the interior of what will be Honda’s technological tour the force once it hits the showrooms.

Apart from its futuristic design, the cabin is trimmed in a combination of leather and a copious amounts of carbon fibre.

To select park, reverse, or drive, the driver simply pushes the buttons on the centre console. To the right is a damper button that most likely integrates a normal setting along with a sport preset to firm-up the suspension. The sport button to the left should allow the driver to tailor the  drivetrain settings (it will be powered by a hybrid all-wheel-drive system, probably integrating a tuned V6 and wheel-hub/axle-mounted electric motors), throttle mappings and steering feel.

The information display behind the steering wheel appears to be a single-screen unit accompanied by just two analogue dials for the fuel gauge and the engine’s oil temperature.

The gearshift paddles are attached to the steering wheel and not the steering column improving their accessibility under hard cornering.

With such a high transmission tunnel, an angled air vent array and carbon fibre trim elements, the driver will most likely feel seriously cocooned within the cockpit contributing to a very intimate feeling behind the ‘wheel.

More details will be made available over the coming months as we near the car’s planned 2015 production date.

Source: VWVortex.com

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