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Renault 5 to return?

by CAR magazine on 16/01/2012

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Reports have emerged that Renault is seriously considering a reborn version of the Renault 5 to take on such retro-flavoured compact cars as the Fiat 500 and Mini.

According to a company insider speaking to Autocar, Renault is not open to creating a sub-brand in the same vein as Citroën’s DS arm, but the idea of a stylish compact car that pays homage to the 5 is a viable option.

"We're seriously thinking about bringing back the Renault 5 to underpin the Clio," confirmed the source within Renault. "For it to be a credible car it would have to offer more than a Twingo. That would mean it wouldn't have to just be good dynamically, but would have to introduce a notion of the revolution that the 5 brought to the market in 1972, both in terms of technology and positioning."

The new 5 would allow Renault to take on the likes of Fiat and Mini with a specialty supermini of its own, but the new car would have to meet a couple of essential provisios in order to do so.

While the 5 would be pitched against retro-styled competition, Renault’s designers will be wary of going too retro with the new car – especially when the company is moving into a more forward-looking phase in its design language. Even so, the new car will probably feature modern interpretations of the original's key design features, such as vertically stacked taillamps, a slender grille flanked by rectangular headlamps and possibly an angular silhouette similar to that of the original.

The interior will be more sumptuously appointed than that of the original, which, while featuring a fairly avant-garde facia design for its time was till quite plasticky and spartan. As with the Fiat 500 and Mini, the 5’s design will probably integrate a good degree of customisable elements, both inside and out.This would fly in the face of the original car's cheap 'n cheerful persona but the flag is already being flown by the Twingo. 

When the original Renault 5 first emerged in the 1970s, it played a big role in establishing a blueprint for many supermini offerings today. The new car, should it get the green light, will probably be underpinned by the Renault-Nissan alliance's B-platform earmarked for the Clio 4 which is set to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Source: Autocar

  • JP

    What a great idea from Renault! Now there will be three iconic cars to choose from (in modern form): Mini, Fiat 500 and Renault 5. Hope Renault puts it in production….. #fingerscrossed#

  • JP

    Hope you’re looking at the picture of the orange sketch car and not the other picture, that one dates back to the 80′s I think..

  • JP

    This is only the beginning and is one of the first sketches… Renault will do their homework and IF it goes on sale, I can promise you it will be striking… Like all Renault’s. They just have the ability to make such beautiful cars.

  • Xiuping Ed Zhao

    This does not look inspiring at all — ds, mini1, fiat, mito … the list is too long. And retro is not going to be around forever. This french-jappy better have a TON of specs to stick into this niche market.

  • Janprinsloos

    the concept sketch looks very nice. I often think of how a lot of cars moved up during the years. And sometimes, especially in SA, the price gap has besome rather large. The current “Renault 5″ was for years the Clio. And now, even the Clio has turned premium and in a class too high above the original Renault 5. There is nothing wrong with this new 5, or the new 500, or the new Mini, its just…..sigh, kinda sad that it isnt a real peoples car for the masses anymore…

  • John-Mark

    If you are going to go retro do it properly like the Mini and Fiat 500 and not halfway like the VW Beetle (which should have been rear engined rear wheel drive). If Renault are going to do the 5 then it should be the 5 reincarnated and not – as the article says “Renault’s designers will be wary of going too retro with the new car…” because it will surely fail. Way back I was involved with the Renault 5′s advertising and it really was a hardy and great little car to fill the boots of the Renault 4 reputation.

    Now. Come on peeps!!! How about a retro E Type Jaguar; A Citroen DS Pallas or Light 15 and the Peugeot 404; An MGA and an Austin Healey?? And not to forget the iconic Mercedes Benz W123!! Ride the retro era while it’s hot.