Audi is reportedly planning on killing off the R8…

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Audi R8
A fresh report suggests the current Audi R8 will not be replaced.

A fresh report suggests that Audi has no plans to replace the current R8 with a third-generation model (a rumour we’ve heard before), with the supercar set to be phased out in 2020.

According to Automobile Magazine, the R8 – with its 5,2-litre naturally aspirated V10, now also offered in rear-wheel drive – will not be replaced simply because it has not been selling in high enough volumes. The report adds, however, that the Lamborghini Huracán – with which the Ingolstadt supercar shares its platform – will live on.

Automobile Magazine furthermore suggests that Audi has also pulled the plug on a proposed new R8 e-tron (the first version was killed off in late 2016) as well as another mysterious (rumoured) supercar dubbed “Scorpion”.

An RS version of the upcoming Q8 SUV, meanwhile, will apparently arrive in 2020, sharing its V8 with the Lamborghini Urus.

  • Carfan73

    Noooo that is terrible news.

    • FieldWolf


  • Swona

    Was a death trap anyway.
    I doubt any of the owners know in an accident the thing splits in two right behind the seat.

    • Rob Holden

      What a load of crap

      • Swona

        Sorry you had to hear this.
        Google a major accident the car (1st gen) had been involved in.
        There’s lots of stuff you’ll find interesting from UK and one of SA oxford road rosebank.