BMW reveals glimpse of X7 in ‘pre-production’ form

BMW has released a handful of teaser images showing the new X7 in the pre-production phase at the Spartanburg plant in the United States.

The Munich-based brand says the production version of the flagship SUV (previewed by the Concept X7 iPerformance) is scheduled to be revealed at the end of 2018. But, in the meantime, the pre-production vehicles you see in the accompanying images are preparing to undergo “various tests under partially extreme conditions”.

Interestingly, the BMW X7 pre-production models are being built on the same assembly line as the X5 and X6, before being then handed over to “development department specialists”, who require them for homologation, registration and testing purposes.

In a bid to keep its exact shape under wraps, every pre-production X7 is fitted with camouflage at the plant.

BMW X7 pre-production