Ferrari F70 rear styling peeked

We get our first look at the rump of Ferrari’s upcoming F70 hypercar.

The image, gleaned from the firm’s official online magazine, shows a T-shaped rear section with three drop-downs very similar to that of the P4-5 – a Pininfarina-built one-off commissioned by American collector James Glickenhaus.

A spy picture of the F70’s nose shows that it won’t share too many elements with Mr. Glickenhaus’s car. The front-end treatment appears to show a stacked headlamp arrangement with what could be a two-piece front air dam and a sculpted bonnet.

The car’s monocoque will be 20 kg lighter than that of the Enzo (around 70 kg) while a further 90 kg will be saved, in part, by moving many of the car’s controls to the steering wheel.

There’s no word yet on the powerplant earmarked for this model, but is has been strongly suggested that a centrally mounted V12 displacing 6,3-litres is on the cards. This unit will reportedly develop more than 559 kW with an additional 74 kW and 200 N.m of torque provided by a supplementary electric motor. It’s a set-up that will knock 40 per cent off the CO2 emissions compared with the Enzo.

  • What on earth can they move onto that steering wheel? Aircon and radio???