Lexus UX Concept revealed

Last week we reported on a teaser image for the Lexus UX Concept’s hologram-based interior, now we have the full picture. The UX Concept was designed by French-based ED2 and aims to represent Lexus’s new design strategy and driving experience.

The drastic design of the UX Concept consists of e-mirrors, daytime running lights, taillamps integrated into the rear-spoiler, light fibres on the air vents and a see-through a-pillar.

Those tyres are also somewhat innovative as they are developed through a hi-tech laser carving process. It’s also been designed in such a way to make the wheel and tyre look conjoined.

The interior design is said to represent the same image as its exterior. As a result, everything is just as edgy. Most notable, however is the hologram infotainment display in the centre console.

The kinetic seat concept has also been put to good use in the UX Concept, although its design is somewhat different.

Although this is simply a design philosophy concept, it might be likely for us to see a simplified variation of the UX. Even more-so when you consider that this is more-or-less the same size as the Toyota C-HR.

Seeing that a lot of manufacturers are taking the CUV route, it wouldn’t be unusual for Lexus to do the same.