New VW Polo GTI to upsize to 2,0-litre unit – report

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Volkswagen Polo GTI
The next-generation Volkswagen Polo GTI is expected to employ a 2,0-litre engine.

A fresh report out of the United Kingdom suggests that the next-generation Volkswagen Polo GTI will be powered by a version of the turbocharged 2,0-litre engine found in an earlier Golf GTI.

According to Auto Express, the new Polo hot hatch will employ a 2,0 TSI mill “from the previous Golf GTI”, worth 147 kW.

That represents an increase of 6 kW over the peak power output of the current Polo GTI, which makes use of a turbocharged 1,8-litre petrol engine, putting the next-gen model on par with the recently revealed Ford Fiesta ST.

No word yet on how much torque the larger turbocharged engine will make in Polo GTI guise (bearing in mind the current model churns out 320 N.m in manual form and 250 N.m in the DSG variant).

The next-generation VW Polo is expected to be revealed later this year, with the GTI version hot on its heels.

  • Carfan73

    Mhhh what happened to downsizing?

    • MK

      This downsizing nonsense

    • Kaylin Claude Pillay

      I guess now the bigger engines can be more efficient as they are so cleverly designed.
      Also a 2 litre 4 banger does sound better than Fords 1.5 litre 3 cylinder.

  • MK

    Yessss no more down sizing . A downsized engine is an engine under more strain . It just won t last long. Faith in vw restored. Thanks to fiesta St