Toyota 86 Convertible on the way?

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Toyota's upcoming FT-86 Open concept could hint at the production of a Toyota 86 Convertible
Toyota's upcoming FT-86 Open concept could hint at the production of a Toyota 86 Convertible

Could Toyota be readying a Toyota 86 convertible 86 at this year’s Geneva Motor Show? This initial sketch seems to suggest so…

The outline drawing shows what the firm refers to as the Toyota FT-86 Open concept. From what can be gathered from this single image, it appears that the concept will feature a 2+2 seating configuration and a folding roof stowed beneath a flat deck.

Although it’s not yet clear if the roof will be a simple canvas affair or one of those concertina-style folding hardtops, the fabric option would probably be the sensible option for two reasons: keeping things nice and lightweight and freeing up space for four occupants and their chattels that would otherwise be sacrificed by adopting a folding hardtop.

While the fixed roof model is all about performance and dynamics, the open top model, despite retaining its RWD underpinnings, is likely to be more about garnering envious stares than stepping the tail out. The lack of bonnet scoop in the sketch suggests that the naturally aspirated engine will be utilized here while the inevitable underbody bracing that accompanies most roof-chopping exercises will add some outright performance-blunting weight.

Production viability is still under consideration but it has been reported that Toyota’s engineers are busy conducting tests with a prototype example. We’ll have to wait until the official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

  • No No No! – Do not take a coupe and change it into a convertible. The 86 is a great car, if its not broken dont fix it!, if they want to launch a convertible why not breath new life into designing a new MR2 from scratch, Look at the Mazda MX5 – (the only car that compares to the 86 in my opinion) they don’t have a coupe version and will probably never make one either – why?, Its designed to be a roadster – not a coupe with the roof cut off!

  • Khaya Sobuwa

    I think I have seen a video of the White 86 Convertable – and I liked what I saw. Go ahead Toyota.