Toyota Corolla Furia Concept: the Corolla’s future looks bright

In many circles the Toyota Corolla is largely associated with conservative, reliable transport and is far-removed from being described as exciting. But that may be about to change with the recent unveiling of the Toyota Corolla Furia concept at the Detroit Motor Show.

The Furia is an exterior design study conducted by the designers at Toyota. It’s intention is two-fold; serving as an indicator of Toyota’s commitment to add greater design flair to its future offerings and dropping a strong hint at what consumers can expect of the next-generation Corolla.

With scarcely a hint of understatement, Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division says that the Furia “blends a heightened emphasis on dramatic design and modern elements of high technology to generate curb appeal that will surprise a lot of people.”

The Furia’s design incorporates simple surface elements highlighted by sharp creases and sporty elements, such as the gaping blacked-out front air dam flanked by upright LED daytime running lights and 19-inch alloy wheels, which is meant to give the future Corolla greater appeal to a more youthful market.

Featuring a wheelbase 2 700 mm, the same as that of the latest Auris, the new Corolla is likely to share this car’s platform when it arrives here during the course of 2014.

  • Toyota seem to be on the wright direction design wise.Never liked the overly blunt designs of their corrolla,after this,my attitude shifts.

  • What kind of power plant might one expect? 19 inch wheels and fast looks must be backed with ability 😉

  • Wow,im a Toyota fan. Yes Toyota is reliable,well i dont know when will have better power,say for example 1.8l engine should deliver nearly 150kW with a high torque to the wheels.In brief the engine are big for nothing….Lets factory install a turbocharge in there.

  • The front end looks it has been added as an afterthought. For the rest a great improvement

  • I expect the power to be above 140kW,the wheels @ 235/45/18

  • Philip Bronn

    Yea a great improvement! Should cost an arm and two legs.

  • 19inch wheels!! are you kiddin me toyota?? not bad but your moves are somewhat late, you now need a complete haul from interior to exterior to engine to handling!!