Volkswagen T5

It’s been a bestseller of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles series and a staple of the South African leisure market for decades, but to make it even more attractive, Volkswagen has enhanced the T5’s looks, fitted it with new TDI engines that significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as well as a host of infotainment and assistance systems for optimum comfort and safety.

You can read more about the T5’s model-specific engines and specifications by clicking on the DOCUMENTS tab to the top, right of the above images and downloading the press release and technical specifications.

Prices (VAT included)


Single Cab 2,0 TDi LWB (75kW) – R227 500
Single Cab 2,0 TDi LWB (103kW) – R260 100
Single Cab 2,0 TDi LWB DSG (103kW) – R277 600
Double Cab 2,0 TDi LWB (75kW) – R256 600
Double Cab 2,0 BiTDi LWB (132kW) – R296 600
Double Cab 2,0 BiTDi LWB 4MOTION (132kW) – R333 100
Panel Van 2,0 TDi LWB (75kW) – R291 700
Panel Van 2,0 TDi LWB (103kW) – R324 400
Crew Bus 2,0 TDi SWB (75kW) – R339 300
Crew Bus 2,0 BiTDi SWB (132kW) – R380 300
Crew Bus 2,0 BiTDi SWB 4MOTION (132kW) – R410 800
Crew Bus 2,0 BiTDi SWB DSG (132kW) – R397 800
Crew Bus 2,0 BiTDi SWB 4MOTION DSG (132kW) – R428 300
Crew Bus 2,0 TDi LWB (75kW) – R347 300
Crew Bus 2,0 BiTDi LWB (132kW) – R388 300
Crew Bus 2,0 BiTDi LWB 4MOTION (132kW) – R418 800


Kombi 2,0 TDi SWB (75kW) – R408 400
Kombi 2,0 TDi SWB (103kW) – R441 000
Kombi 2,0 TDi LWB (75kW) – R416 400
Kombi 2,0 TDi LWB (103kW) – R449 000
Kombi 2,0 TDi LWB DSG (103kW) – R466 500


Caravelle 2,0 BiTDi (132kW) – R537 800
Caravelle 2,0 BiTDi DSG (132kW) – R555 300
Caravelle 2,0 BiTDi DSG 4MOTION (132kW) – R585 800


Kombi and Caravelle models come standard with a 3 year/120 000 km manufacturer warranty and 5 year/60 000 km AutoMotion Maintenance Plan. Transporter models are offered with a standard 2 year/unlimited km warranty and AutoMotion Maintenance Plan is optional.

All models have a 12 year anti-corrosion warranty and 15 000 km service intervals.


  • Robbie

    Thhe Crew Bus should be a wonderful camping vehicle. Add an Oztent to the side and you have a mansion on FOUR wheels instead of SIX

  • syra

    Bought new Nov 2008. Super machine. Currently just completed 80000. No issues apart from an occasional limp home mode kicking in. Just stop and restart the engine and it clears whatever it thinks is wrong. Normally only happens when I drive it hard for long period. Just thinking about a change to the new one. Tried one at weekend 140 dsg.Quite quiet but not as responsive in my opinion. Gear change smooth but it just seemed under powered to the older unit. Being a more maure driver do not get too excited about the latest thing and have no real need to change just now unless I fell in love with it and I didn’t. Couple that to the price and may be we all need to stop and think wht it is we are buying . It is still only a van and the new current price list reads like wishful thinking. Yes they will sell but mainly to company buyers not picking up the tab.Spec a Kombi up with a few creature comforts and you are well into 30000. You can get an 18month old S class merc for that! No it wont carry the kit but it will tow a trailer!

  • Priciyana Edison

    The Multivan 4Motion is probably the most versatile and most technologically advanced vans. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. The 180 horses with 4Motion DSG, we drove costs equivalent to about $ 70 000 in Germany; basic models with gas wimpy four-cylinder or the base of the TDI engine starts at just over $ 40,000. (With these prices, you can see why there Routan.) Volkswagen is probably wiser to wait before launching a VW van full manipulated the U.S. market until it can be done cheaply and with more style . This type of car reviews we need from you.

  • Kenny Rogers

    I think this car would be great if this has a good accent panels. Look at it. No car accessories or what so ever. But still a good car.