VW SA has a ‘handful’ of (axed) Scirocco units left…

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Volkswagen Scirocco
VW SA has just a few units of the discontinued Scirocco left in stock.

We recently ran a story that Volkswagen had ceased production of the Scirocco. And now the local arm of the Wolfsburg automaker has confirmed the end of the line for the third-generation, front-wheel-drive coupé, adding that it has only a “handful” of units left in South Africa.

So, why exactly did Volkswagen decide to axe the Scirocco, which has been around for nearly a decade now? Well, VW SA told CARmag.co.za that it “regularly reviews its product portfolio, both at the international and local level”.

It added that the VW Group in Germany took “a similar approach” and was “in the process of reassessing its product portfolio”, which would “see the introduction of new models into new segments whilst also discontinuing certain models, especially if those segments are declining”.

And in decline Scirocco sales most certainly are, with a mere two units sold across the country in September 2017, and just three leaving local dealer floors the month before. New models headed for our shores, meanwhile, include the T-Roc and Arteon, along with new-generation versions of the Polo and Polo Vivo.

VW SA went on to confirm that the Scirocco “will be discontinued internationally from 2018”.

“In SA, we have a handful of Sciroccos left and these will no doubt become sought after and collectors’ items, as did the previous [second-generation] model from the early 1980s.”

In South Africa, the Scirocco is currently offered in three guises – the flagship R, the entry-level Highline and the GTS – although the latter has seemingly just been removed from VW SA’s website.

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