Will Nissan wangle Merc’s V6 diesel for the Navara?

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Nissan Navara
Will the Nissan Navara inherit a V6 turbodiesel from Mercedes-Benz?

Much has been made of Mercedes-Benz’s decision to base its new X-Class double-cab bakkie on the Nissan Navara platform. But a new report out of Australia suggests that the Japanese pick-up could well benefit from the collaboration, too.

Yes, according to motoring.com.au, there’s a chance that the Stuttgart-based automaker’s 3,0-litre V6 turbodiesel could find its way into the Navara.

“There could be an opportunity there,” José Muñoz, Nissan’s chief performance officer, told motoring.com.au.

“Honestly, I do not know the plan beyond what is already announced, but everything is on the table when it comes to that partnership,” he added.

The base models of the upcoming X-Class, of course, are expected to source their 2,3-litre turbodiesel four-pots from the Navara. And Mercedes could just return the favour with the V6, which would allow the Navara to go head-to-head with the upcoming (facelifted) V6-equipped Volkswagen Amarok.

Muñoz went on to tell the Australian publication that Nissan’s partnership with the Daimler-backed German brand was “working very well”.

“In general, the partnership with Daimler is working very well. The partnership was planned to be limited to a few projects and then it started to grow. It has been great for both parties,” he said.

“In opportunities that we do together, we evaluate from both sides, so for them this project is interesting because they didn’t have a pick-up and now they have it. For us, it’s interesting. All the ideas they have behind product engineering, behind quality, the production system and also the positioning of the product.

“Every product has got opportunities on both sides. This is not done on one element. We have established a strong partnership so that we look at different angles on every project,” he said.

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  • teofli

    If the collaboration makes the Navara too expensive then it is not helping Nissan at all, is it?

    • Brynn Jones

      Well you would think that there is a contractual agreement involved. Something to the effect that Nissan helps Merc out to get the bakkie underpinnings and design and then every Merc bakkie sold pays a % royalty back to Nissan. I would think Audi and BMW bakkie to follow-HOW ABOUT THAT FOR AN IDEA HA??!! Farmer Jan….” Hey Piet how is your BM bakkie”…….”Ag Jan it it much tougher than your soft Audi and I can load sheep on the back while my sat nav lady talks to me!!”…..