CAR’s 2017 double-cab bakkie shootout – Part 3

  • Jacques Pretorius

    Vw paying your salaries again

    • Nkanyamba

      LOL!! Hhhhmmmm… Sounds like we have a miffed Ranger liefhebber (with obligatory glue-on cRaptor kit of course) in the room.

      Don’t be upset that a SEVEN year old 1 ton VW bakkie still wipes the floor with all the newcomers.

      It’s a VW, so good design is par for the course (witness Golf Mk 1 – Same design sold succesfully for 35 years, or the Beetle – nearly twice that. Try that with any other brands cars, and they’ll laugh you off the stage). It’s called ageless design and decent engineering.

      Now get ready for what Amarok Mk II will do, and prepare to be upset all over again. B-)

      • Ed209

        Also very expensive though, I’ve been considering a bakkie and from a value for money perspective. It is down to the Triton vs Ranger. I struggle to justify the extra amount for a Hilux or Amarock.