Comparative Test: Chevrolet Spark L vs. Hyundai i10 1,25 GLS vs. Kia Picanto 1,2 EX

Team comments

Kelly Lodewyks

Each has something
that works in
its favour, but the
Chevrolet is
outclassed “ KL

Kelly Lodewyks
Mike Fourie

The i10 might seem
a bit anonymous,
but it is a winning
package “ MF

Mike Fourie
Wilhelm Lutjeharms

Between these
three, the Hyundai
and Kia stand
out ... or I'll buy a
used car “ WL

Wilhelm Lutjeharms
  • sayitlikeitis

    My wife owns a Chevy Spark L 800cc, when I get to drive the Chevy, I just know that I will never be happy to own the Chevy as my 2nd runabout fuel saver vehicle. Not that it’s a bad car, first of my problems with it is, it’s just too slow, runs out of puff too easily for my liking, I really get scared of the car’s ability to overtake especially when overtaking a long hauling 14 wheeler truck, but this is not the car you are reviewing here and I am sure this 1.2 litre engine will fare much better in performance than the 800cc we own, but my wife says she is quite happy to be driving a car that is not too fast. I compare her driving to that of Miss Daisy lol.
    In all fairness to the Chevy, I must mention its reliability, not once in the 2 years of ownership did it breakdown, and my wife uses it for work every day doing 85klmtrs a day and still have fuel left for weekend driving, now that’s what I’m talking about when I say I am looking for a small car that can save on petrol but must have a little oomph when you need it, I am not looking for the same performance my Volvo S40 T5 is giving me because that would be incredibly ridiculous to expect that from a cheap entry level segment A or B car.
    So I must thank you for this fantastic review, it has really helped me make a decision on buying my fuel saving 2nd car with the little oomph I was looking for. With the petrol price seemingly going towards the R16 a litre in the near future I wouldn’t want to be using my Volvo, instead this review is sending me in the general direction of that all too lovely little Hyundai i10.
    Happy and safe driving guys.