Ford Ranger 3,2 TDCi XLT 4×4 AT

Team comments

Kyle Kock

Well-equipped Ranger
is a Hilux hunter. A
bloody good one,
too “ KK

Kyle Kock
Gareth Dean

A seriously impressive
product. Seems like
the Hilux has met its
match “ GD

Gareth Dean
Hannes Oosthuizen

Hilux, there's no point
in watching your
back. The Ranger has
already pulled ahead
“ HO

Hannes Oosthuizen
  • Anonymous

    This one just pushed the Hilux from the no1 position on my favorite bakkie list. Sorry Toyota but the Hilux is no longer the best bakkie available in SA. The Ranger suddenly made the Hilux old and ugly.

  • Visser

    Hilux thinks that they are tuff Ranger knows its tuff…..

  • TD

    Toyota 3rd in Dakar. It is good, but it was behind 2 Minis. So the stats say a Mini is better than a Hilux. Play the Dakar card when you win it. Like the 13 times by Mitsubishi.

    They do not even sell the Fortuner in Aus or NZ. Wonder why?

  • John-Mark

    Which one would you take into Africa – The Ford or Toyota? I know where I would put my money. Unfrortunately Ford since it left SA – (the great Ford days of the F series, the Cortina, Capri etc.) and then came back, the brand has not regained it’s former traction, dealer network, product and reputation for value, durability and product reliability. Toyota has taken over Africa (and is the best selling ute in 4X4 breaking Austrialia). Perhaps this new Ranger is the start of Ford’s comeback but will need to prove itself for reliablity, toughness and durability. The Dakar did a lot for the Toyota Hilux in this regard. And the SA farmer is also a key market to convince of the Ford’s values.

  • Busang

    You are right TD, Mitsubishi is the king of Dakar. About Africa, well I would take a Mercedes, a Unimog to be precise.

  • Matt

    that’s because its a different market here. just like the Tundra is huge in USA its not huge here. you cannot say they do not sell it there then that means that it is a crappy car, its just different markets. The Hilux was third in Dakar it had 3months testing was built on a Hilux frame the mini’s are on carbon frames and they cost 4times the price, also the Hilux was running next years specs not this years. This means that they had to limit the engine while Mini was running it at full capacity

  • hilux


  • Anonymous

    Yes that may be so and it is just sad that so many people do the bad sheep thing and just buy the Hilux. But if Ford keep producing great products like these they will start to get noticed and in a short time be right up there in the sales race, just like Hyundai did with the excellent Elantra that almost toppled the Corolla as worldwide best seller this year.

  • Armandearl

    Thats the exact reason i won’t buy a hilux. Not only is it not on the rangers standard, every toyota sheep drives one making it as common as grass… The Hilux is good, but not the best nor second best.

  • Muys Tthys

    Had a few each of them all, except an Isuzu. New Ranger on order. For Namibia that says something. I drive long distances fast, and then go into the bundus for the extreme rough. Prefer the Ford as the better choice.

  • Wayne


  • Marx

    @Hilux, some of us prefer going against the tide, big sales doesn’t always mean best quality. Toyota is overrated.

  • Fchaas

    big respect for Geniel and Toyota- but the 3rd at Dakar means NOUGHT! it had a 4 L Lexus engine in the bonnet! what has that got to do with any Hilux on the road?