From The Archives: Honda CRX

  • Marlon

    Awesome!! How long i have waited and dreamt of this CRX Road Test Archive! Amazing Beauty of a Motor Vehicle. I own one of these, and the Ballade 160i Dohc. I would really appreciate if CAR could publish the Road Test of the 1991 Honda Ballade 160i Dohc on the website. Please

  • Chelsy

    Awesome!!! Really such a treat to read this! I have been bugging Sudhir for weeks to have this Road Test put on the website! I’m a proud CRX owner! 🙂

  • DaaiOu

    Haha gland nie a dodgy advertensie nie..

  • TRRRrrrrrrr Pa!

    That advert..haikhona!! LOL

    love the car though (still)