Long-term test: Volkswagen Caravelle 2,0 BITDI Highline DSG 4 Motion

  • Jamo Taylor

    Holy cow, I can’t believe that price! How much does the base model go for?

  • Jan Vosloo

    Ridiculous fuel consumption! Even the average consumption of 11.2 l per 100km is outrageous! I wonder if the Amarok has the same engine? If so, I’ll stay far, far away.

  • JS

    Can I ask… we have just bought a secondhand caravelle 2.0 dsg. I’ve never driven such a vehicle before, is it normal for it to have a slow start? Sometimes it can take a few seconds for 1st gear to kick in… esp when stopped at a robot or stop street and then starting again? Am I doing something wrong? Is it normal? Thanks.