Mini Cooper S ALL4 Countryman

Team comments

Ian McLaren

Still as much fun as ever
but there are so many
other value propositions
around that need to be
considered at this price
“ IM

Ian McLaren
Sudhir Matai

I can't see why BMW
has diluted the Mini
brand this way. Maybe
it could have called this
the Maxi Countryman “

Sudhir Matai
Hannes Oosthuizen

As a non-conformist I
understand the
appeal, but this is
pricey! “ HO

Hannes Oosthuizen
Mike Monk

Not All4 me! The interior
is a visual and ergonomic
disaster zone overshadowing
any attributes it
may have “ MM

Mike Monk
  • segopotso

    you guys are doing a very good job by keeping us to updade with all the new models.Keep it up


    I actually prefer the looks of the Countryman to the regular Mini hatch, but man is it pricey!! but with more Mini models on their way, the only worry is that the appeal of this brand will be diluted somehow.

  • Mini Cooper Clubman review

    Clubman has maintained a nice retro British retro style.

  • Bernard MuffinMan Botha

    This is a Countryman…but the Clubman is a great car!