Comparative Test: Renault Sandero Dynamique Turbo 66 kW vs. Ford Figo 1,4 Trend vs. Toyota Etios 1,5 Xs vs. Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1,4 Trendline

  • Miguel

    I´ll take the Figo!

    • Confido

      This does not happen very often. But yes I agree with you the Figo is my first choice as well.

  • Merlin

    Driven the Figo and Etios, and the Toyota has the most bang for my bucks!!

  • Richard Davies

    Its a pity so many of these cars are soooo unsafe.!/article/no-airbag-figo-polo-fail-crash-test-1.1640926
    No mention of safety in your article.
    Its no wonder there are so many deaths on SAs roads when even new cars are 20 years behind the times in terms of safety!

    • ArthurDent

      Richard, what you are missing is that those tests were done in India with cars that is not equipped with airbags. All South African Figo and Polo Vivo models comes standard with at least two airbags and received a 4star or better Euro NCAP rating when they were tested in that configuration. The new Renault Duster only managed 3 stars.

      • Richard Davies

        I’m struggling to find the Ford Figo on the Euro NCAP test site… show we where.

        • ArthurDent

          I am referring to the previous Fiesta on which the Figo is based. If one looks at the Indian pics of the Figo there is very little A pillar distortion (unlike the Datsun Go). Equiping the car with airbags will make a major diffirence to the star rating. Polo Vivo is made locally and are up to Euro specs.

          • Richard Davies

            They don’t sell the Vivo (Polo Vivo Vivo) in Europe either? So how can it be up to Euro specs? It’s a much older version of the polo as far as I understand.
            Hmm… still a little worried; don’t like to ‘assume’ when it comes to safety tests. There are reasons why don’t sell these cars in Europe — e.g. reading about the Datsun Go you mentioned really scared me straight.
            Anyone know which cars are actually up to European Specs? I’m guessing the luxury ones that are made in Europe (Audi, not Merc… Porsche etc.); but what about usual ones? I’m guessing Fiat’s are? I’d assumed Fords were; Renaults?